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With A Slip Of A Knife~Gay Vampire Love Story ~Finished~
Story published February 24, 2013 · updated April 13, 2013 · completed · 41 pages · 8,517 readers · 82,193 reads
Chapter Six~ ....H
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Chapter Six~ ....He Kissed Me?

Thats There house>>>>>>

Dawn's P.O.V
After i bought Eliza's clothes i took her back and she went to sleep, We were gone all night and returned at 12:00am yeah after shopping i took her other places. I walked down the hall towards Jace and Myles room, They were talking and then all of a sudden it stopped completely silent. I knew i should walk away but curiosity got the best of me an I opened the door and saw them kissing!! OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH, Thats cute. I have to go tell Xavior i dashed off with a smirk, Maybe he'll be jealous?. I found him on his phone headphones in, I ripped them out and he whipped around. "What?" He stated blandly, "Come with me" I grabbed him and dragged him toward the room. They still were kissing well i do run fast, His eyes widened. And he walked off, once we were far i caught up to him, "Your jealous" I said with a smirk. "Why the hell should i care" He stated plopping on the couch, "Why would you not?!?" I said this is interesting. "Do you rememeber when you told me he said he loved you" I said sitting beside him, "Yeah...Why?" He questioned blandly. "I dont understand why you hate it when someone says it to you" I said to him, "its just a waste of time" He said while crossing his arms. "Is it beause of-" He cut me off "No now your wasting my time with showing me something that was obviosly suppose to private" He walked off.

Xavior's P.O.V
Why the hell is this bugging me?, Ugh probably because i broke up with my boyfriend. He annoyed me, I walked outside the house and towards the city. Why does she think i even care about what goes on between them, I dont. I was walking faster when images of it flashed in my head and it aggravted me more. "F***K" I said slamming my hand on the tree causing it to fall, Is it because im starting to like him...? NO I wil not allow that to happen, I ran into the city, I had to stop my eyes from glowing red they kept flashing hunger and frustration raging inside me.  I held my hands on my head and uttered "Damn it" Why is this bothering me.

Myles's P.O.V
I fell back covering my mouth, my face was bright red. "Y-you k-k-kissed m-me" I said through my hands, Jace looked away he was blushing as well. "I'm sorry Myles its just....when i saw you i fell for you i know thats sounds stupid and you probably are creeped out by me" He looked like he was gonna cry, Then i saw alot of me in him when i fell for Xavior. I guess thats never gonna happen..., I sat beside him and wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. "I think we should try going out" I could see at the corner of my eye his facial expression turned to sad to excited and he put his arms around my waist and hugged me tightly, "T-Thank you" He stuttered a little.  I smiled, We hugged for awhile till he pulled away and kissed me. I kissed back, I guess this is also what Xavior wanted....

Sooooo what did you guys think of the chapter and what do you think of Xavior getting Jealous?  comment on what  you thought of this chapter???????