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Time Without End (Jasper Hale)
Story published February 24, 2013 · updated May 21, 2013 · completed · 156 pages · 14,444 readers · 208,535 reads
Chapter 26: Peace
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Chapter 26: Peace

        After that ordeal the rest of us decided to go over and put the finishing touches on the house for Bella and Edward. Alice walked over to me and handed me a box with a smile.
“What…” I began when I smelled the ink and paper. “Bella’s books?”
“I’ll help put them away.” Volunteered Jasper from his place helping Emmett finish up building the couch.
“Oh no how will I ever finish this couch by myself?” Asked Emmett sarcastically with a grin. Jasper dropped the couch with a smile and Emmett dropped whatever he had in his other hand.
“Don’t break the floor! Let them do it on their own!” I joked.
“Better not break the floor. I had it ordered out.” Smiled Alice pulling in the last of the clothes. Bella’s clothes…Jasper walked over to me taking the box for me with a smile.
“What a gentleman.” I smiled.
“Jasper’s always been a gentleman.” Smiled Esme as she dusted. Carlisle kissed her head and she smiled. I led him over to the bookshelf and I began to put the familiar books on the shelves. I ran my fingers over the wrinkled binding and smelled the mouthwatering scent of human Bella and an unfamiliar one. It was really good though better than Dad’s or Bella’s but not the best I had smelled.
“What is that?” I asked looked up at him. He chuckled.
“It’s your scent. Your old one.” He shrugged taking the book out of my hands and placing it on the self.
“I smelled awesome!” I laughed as he pulled me forward for a kiss.
“Come on I want to get back to my woman!” Yelled Emmett jokingly.
“Emmett behave.” Smiled Esme.
“Hey they’re bringing a baby into this.” He pointed out. Carlisle and Esme looked surprised. Oh ya we should probably tell them about it.
“We’re going to adopt a baby.” Jasper’s calm voice told them. I smiled nervously and spread my hands out.
“Surprise.” I said and bit my lip as Jasper took my hands.
“That’s wonderful.” Said Carlisle with a smile. I let out a relieved breath.
“Boy or girl?” Asked Esme. “Or do you not know?”
“A baby boy. Next month.” I smiled as they each hugged us and such. Then we began to walk back to the house.
“You should name him Grizzly!” Said Emmett. One of the many annoying suggestions. I rolled my eyes as Carlisle and Esme laughed and he wrapped an arm around Esme. I hoped we were still like that.
“Jazz we’re taking the trees the rest of the way!” I announced.
“How about Valentino?” Asked Alice before we jumped with an excited expression.
“We’re not naming my son that!” Jasper interjected with wide eyes before I could say anything. That made everyone laugh more.
“Not after fashion brands Alice!” I laughed.
“Unique?” She asked with a smile looking at us with her pixie like manner.
“Hell no!” Jasper again interjected with a smile. We were nearing the house and I saw Bella and Edward with Ness. Jasper kissed me as I laughed as everyone one else was having a good laugh. Alice burst into the room with excitement. Rose now had Ness in her arms as Bells and Edward turned.
“Happy birthday!” Said Alice. Bella looked confused.
“I stopped aging three days ago.” Bella pointed out.
“Well, we’re celebrating anyway!” Said Alice. I laughed.
“So suck it up sis!” I called from behind Alice in Jasper’s arms. Alice held out the key.
“Get out.” Said Emmett and we laughed as Alice ushered them out. Once they were out of earshot Emmett grinned. “How many days till the house is destroyed?”
“Edward destroying a house? They’re not you Emmett.” I snorted sitting down on the couch by Rose.
“You and Jasper broke things!” Rose pointed out.
“We didn’t destroy a house.” Jasper said in the thick accent. I smiled.
“I love that accent.” I smiled touching his hand from behind the couch where he stood.
“Get out.” Said Emmett pointing to the door. Jasper smiled snatching me up quickly in his arms.
“With pleasure. Ma’am?” He asked me from his arms where he carried me.
“Carry on solider. See you guys later.” I grinned.
“Enjoy the single life!” Called Alice jokingly with a smile.
“Hey guys.” I said walking into the kitchen with Jasper in tow. “Bella and Edward still not here?” I asked hoping on the counter.
“Probably won’t be for a while.” Said Emmett with a grin. I rolled my eyes looking at Jake who was standing by the window with a sandwich watching Ness and Rose like a hawk.
“I know this is a wolf thing but it doesn’t stop the staring from being borderline pedophile.” I said to Jake. He rolled his eyes with a smile.
“You jealous it wasn’t you?” He asked me. I laughed pulled Jasper close wrapping my legs and arms around him from where I sat on the counter.
“I have my solider thank you very much. We are very, very happy aren’t we?” I asked Jasper who smiled.
“Yes ma’am.” He smiled kissing me.
“Good answer I’m sure Jasper is very happy.” Said Emmett with a smile then he leaned forward. “Jasper we’ll talk later when she’s not in the room.” He whispered yelled across the room. I rolled my eyes.
“Emma, I’m going to um…clean some stuff at the house so I’ll be back.” He whispered then he left.
“Chased him away?” Asked Emmett as I moved so I was crossed legs on the counter as he picked up the paper.
“Going off to daydream about making his move on you.” I laughed. Then Bella and Edward walked into the room.
“Wow.” I smiled. Finally a new couple to tease!
“Done already?” Asked Emmett. Edward smiled and looked down.
“Where’s Renesmee?” Asked Bella.
“Blondie stole her.” Said Jake not breaking his gaze from the window.
“Break a lot of stuff?” Asked Emmett like an excited dog. I laughed and Jake smiled.
“Emmett…no.” She said shaking her head. We all chuckled quietly to ourselves. Then the phone rang. Everyone stopped and didn’t say a word. The mood just dropped. She walked forward a little and looked at us.
“Is that Charlie?” Asked Bella.
“He calls twice a day, Bells.” I smiled sadly as she looked at me.
“He’s in pretty rough shape.” Said Jake looking away from the window. She looked like she was in pain.
“Eventually, we’ll have to tell him you didn’t make it.” Said Carlisle. I bit my lip knowing I would have to help dad plan the ‘funeral’ and then talk to mom. Watch her cry and dad fall apart. To see their expression.
“He needs to mourn Bella.” Said Edward from behind her. She looked like she was considering everything for a moment before she nodded.
“Okay. We’ll do it tomorrow.” She said then walked back to Edward’s side. Emmett put down the paper and got up.
“I’m gonna miss this place.” He said.
“We’ll come back. We always do.” Said Carlisle staring at his laptop.
“Wait.” Said Jake looking a little afraid. He stood up straighter and walked a little closer. “Nobody said anything about leaving.”
“Once people believe Bella’s dead, we can’t risk anyone seeing her.” Said Carlisle.
“So the ghost excuse won’t work?” I muttered under my breath but Emmett smiled a bit. I was leaving my home and it killed me. This is where I met my husband, where I fell in love, I went through everything, and learned all the things I know now. This was for the good of the family though.
“So you just disappear?” He asked shaking his head in disbelief.
“Jake, we don’t have another choice.” I said hopping down gracefully. After that he just up and left. He was upset and I get it.
“Bella can I talk to you?” I asked her. She nodded and I walked into the living room sitting her down.
“What is it?” She asked me.
“First congratulations and did you like the house?” I asked grabbing her hand.
“Thanks. Um…yes it’s was so nice thank you.” She said. I nodded biting my lip.
“So…since you’re going to be dead very soon it will fall on me for helping mom and dad. Since I was in contact with you is there anything you want me to tell daddy or momma?” I asked her looking at the ceiling really upset.
“That I love them and that I was happy until I died.” She said and I nodded rushing out.
            I laid my head in Jasper’s lap as he watched the game with Emmett.
“YES!” Emmett screamed as the roar of Jake’s motorcycle was heard.
“Where’s my niece?” I called. Rose appeared holding the baby.
“Your turn?” She asked me with a smile.
“Soon I’ll have my own don’t worry about it.” I laughed taking Ness and putting her on my stomach. She fell asleep rather quickly. She was so warm though. Jasper sitting on the couch with a grin playing with my hair, me lying in his lap stroking Ness’s hair, and Ness asleep on my stomach. We must look like a terribly cheesy picture. Then I heard yelling until Edward and Bella entered with Jake. Edward looked pissed.
“Charlie’s going to be here in ten minutes.” He said. Damn it!

Disclaimer! I own nothing but Emma Swan-Hale!