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A Happy Ending [Short story]
Story published February 24, 2013 · 2 pages · 5,103 readers · 6,615 reads
A Happy Ending.
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A Happy Ending.

        The small 16 year old girl raced up the wooden stairs, and ran into her small bedroom. The tears came fast. She gazed at her reflection in the glass mirror, and noticed her red swollen cheek. It stung. Her whole body ached, every limb. The light came streaming in from the small window. She began pacing back and forth. She had to make up her mind. What could she do? The girl glanced out her window and saw the bright sun in the sky. She had an idea. She sat down at a large desk, and took out a sheet of paper and a pen. She wiped away the tears on the sleeve of her T-shirt. She noticed the bruises up and down her arms, and the scars on her wrists. She had to do this. She bit her lip, and thought.

        She had read stories of fairy princesses and happy endings. She now knew how unreal these stories were. Happy endings never occurred. When she was little, she saw herself as a beautiful princess living in a castle with a perfect life. When her parents would scream at each other, the girl would close her eyes and pretend she was a princess living in a big castle with a happy Mom and Dad. This never came true, nor would it ever.

        The girl stared down at her blank piece of lined paper. She wiped her eyes again. A perfect ending. That was all she wanted. A happy ending to her life. The girl closed her eyes. And a single tear ran down her swollen cheek. And with that, the girl took her pen and began to write.

        She wrote a story, a beautiful story. A long story full of wishing and dreams. A world where nobody was left behind or forgotten, where everyone received love. A story full of angels and where the stars in the night sky shone for everyone. A world where everyone was accepted for who they are.

        When the girl finished her story, the sun had begun to set. The clouds had turned a pale blue and pink, and the sun sent scarlet rays glowing over the sky. The girl smiled. She knew the time was right.

        She raced down the stairs and out the door, her story in her hand. She ignored her step-mother, who screamed names at the girl. The girl walked the familiar path down the street. She had been this way many times. She arrived to a forest, and she walked through it. The chilly autumn air whipped around her, causing her to shiver. Soon, she came to a cliff. Far below, a vast ocean spread out as far as the girl could see. Orange rays from the sun shimmered on the surface of the water. The view was breathtaking. The waves crashed against the side of the cliff. Sharp, dangerous rocks were directly below. The girl peered over the side of the cliff, and watched the tall waves lap against the side. She was ready.

        The girl read over her story one last time. She blinked back tears as she thought about all she had been through. She never thought her life would turn out this way. But she knew what she had to do. It had to be done. 

        The girl took one last glimpse at the beautiful sunset and the orange crashing waves, the rough grass and the cold, salty air. Tears fell from her eyes; not from sadness. She was happy, content. She had done everything she could on this planet. She hoped someone would find her story, and learn from it. The girl stood at the top of the cliff, letting the scarlet sky glow over her, and the chilly air waft past her. She soaked it all in. She clung to this moment. The girl set her hand-written story down beside her on the ground. Then she sucked in her last breathe of the sweet salty air, and closed her eyes, as the tears slid down her cheeks. She bent her knees, held her hands out in front of her, and prepared herself.

        She thought of princesses and castles and happy endings. Hopefully one day, everyone will have their wish granted. They won’t have to listen to their parents scream, or other kids laughing at them. They won’t have to hear everyone shouting “worthless” or “stupid” at them. They won’t have to be abused every night.  Everyone will grow up and have their happy ending. Everyone will be accepted. That is what the girl wanted. She wanted people to learn from her story.

        The girl smiled through her tears. A beautiful, happy ending for everyone. And with that, she jumped off the cliff and into the deep, vast ocean and onto the sharp rocks.