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One Direction Requests [CLOSED]
Story published February 27, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 61 pages · 16,934 readers · 45,067 reads
Harry Imagine: Whe
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Harry Imagine: When You're Popular And Dating The Jock, And He (1D Member) Likes You, But He's A Nerd

For: Coxiebass


Looks, friends, fashion sense and captain of the football team. You owned all of that - you were popular. Whether you wore make up or not, you still looked beautiful. Sure, you didn't have a best friend  due to the fact that you're scared someone might stab you in the back, but you still were social enough to befriend others. You're parents aren't even billionaires, for sake! That didn't matter to you though. You had just enough to buy clothes in the trend to impress. To the point: you just happened to be the girl to break stereotypes on other popular girls.

Of course, your life wouldn't be complete to you without a boyfriend, and you did have one. He's that guy in the school that girls would chase after, and the one guys wish they could be like. He might not be the smartest, but he's able to use his charms against the female teachers. He's very attractive, and he possessed an aura that intimidates other peers.

On a school day, Friday, you just hung out in the halls with the other popular jocks and cheerleaders right after lunch. Your boyfriend's arm is around you, and you both walked with the rest of the group. Up ahead, you didn't notice a boy walking towards your direction and neither did he. You two accidentally collided with each other, and his books fell off of his hands and scattered across the tile floor.

You didn't think about helping him because usually people like him would hurry and pick up their books before you could. Your eyes just studied him as he blankly tried to get his books off the floor in an efficient way. Though you would've let it pass, your boyfriend was the first to say, "Apologize to my girlfriend."

The boy, who has just stood back up, looked at you, but replied to your boyfriend. "What?"

Your boyfriend guffawed as if he couldn't believe the ridiculous response. He shoved his hands into his varsity jacket and leaned closer to the boy who kept his stand. "You bumped into my girlfriend; it would be great if you apologize." The way he said it was still that it would scare anybody.

The boy's curly hair blocked his eyes when he lowered his head and muttered, "Sorry."

You just stared at him and tried to observe his features more clearly when your boyfriend nudged you, snapping you out of your moment. "Oh, it's fine," you assured him.

He moved aside and began to walk away afterwards.

"Gee, how unlucky are you, Cora? Running into such a loser like him," one of the cheerleaders scoffed. "We don't talk to people like that. It's just not right."

"Yeah, let's go," your boyfriend stated.

You turned back and found the boy from a minute ago still there, probably about to head to the library. You were about to nod your head to your boyfriend and leave, but something about the curly-haired boy made you curious about him. A feeling tugged at you and instead of leaving, you made up an excuse. You sucked in a breath, "Oooh, sorry guys. I'm going to be a little bit late."

"Where you headed?" your boyfriend asked. "I'll come with."

"No, it's just...the library? Books, you know," you laughed a little.

The whole group groaned and decided to go ahead first, leaving you to rush over to the library. Once you entered the quiet area, you walked over to the back of the library where kids would sit to study or read. Glancing around, you finally found the same boy. He sat at an empty table by himself, immersed in some book on physiology.

You inhaled before you walked over and plopped down in a seat across from him. He must've heard you because he placed his books down and looked at you. Now, up close, you could see his amazing features. Other then his attractive curly hair, you noticed his sparkling green eyes behind his glasses. You felt your heart race.

"Hi," you greeted, trying to stay calm.

I mean, you shouldn't feel nervous as much as he did right? You were popular.

"Hello," he said, a British accent came out along with it. "I'm Harry Styles."

"Cora," you responded. "So..."

Weird enough, you actually sat through one whole period with him with the conversation continuously flowing. It felt comfortable. Just when he was about to ask you something, the bell for the last period of the day rang. You both stood up at the same time. "What were you going to tell me?" you questioned.

He shared a warm smile with you. "I was just wondering if you wanted to go to this convention with me this weekend. I know it's not what people like you would usually spend their-"

"I'd love to," you answered right away.

But when he started to walk away, two thoughts entered your mind: Is it possible for me to like this guy? and You can't. You have a date with your boyfriend this weekend.