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You may work at a freak show but your not a freak (Mister Mo
Story published March 1, 2013 · updated 6 months ago · 18 pages · 1,567 readers · 11,080 reads
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        i woke up about noon,changed, and left to go find the freak show place Morgue talked about with Stripes by my side, I was wearing After a few moments i found a large warehouse covered in old paintings from a circus type thing and i walked up the steps and knocked. At first no one answered but then the door opened and they guy with the piercings motioned me in, Creature i think "thank you" i said shyly and walked in followed by Stripes "Morgue is in the back with Todd" he said with a metal filled smile and i nodded and walked back to a door with scratch marks all over it. "hello?" i asked and knocked and i heard a voice inside say come in so i walked in and i saw Morgue with the guy from my street act 2 days before "please sit, sit" the guy said and i sat down next to Morgue "Now.." he trailed off "Jade" i answered and he picked back up "Now Jade this is a place last of its kind, full of wonder, we have performers some you know others hopefully you will. This is a Freak Show and we have several people working here and we want you to, we have sword swallower.." he motioned towards Morgue"hook swallower, little people giants, here were all the same and you seem to be able to fit are craziness and we want you to join. Will you?" he asked and i didnt hesitate "yes" i said and he smiled "great you can make your appearance tonight" he said "and you can meet are cast, the show is in 3 hours so you can go get your supplys and other stuff" he said before leaving and i turned to Morgue "wanna show me that hook act he was talking about?" i demeaned more than asked and he laughed "follow me" he said and got up with me not far behind. "stay here" he said and i froze as he disappeared behind a curtain and reappeared on a small stage with a large meat hook "dont try this at home or you'll end up like my name" he said as he slide the hook through his nose and out his mouth "thats cool" i said as i looked up at him and he took it back out "now you gotta show me what you can do" he said "fine" i clicked and Stripes looked up and i make hand signals at him as he walked forward and then jumped into the air, spin a bit thanks to his tail and landed "can you do anything personally?" morgue said behind me "i'm know for my disappearances" i said. It was a new trick i was working on and i took a small pebble like thing from my hand and threw it on the ground close to my feet, i then reappeared behind morgue "and i can sword swallow" i said causing him to jump "Jesus! horrifying much" he said and i giggled "your so doing the bit tonight" he said and i simply agreed as several people walked in... great more people to meet...