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Be My Pika Girl
Story published March 2, 2013 · updated 2 months ago · 13 pages · 4,211 readers · 21,645 reads
Pika!.. Pika Pika?
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Pika!.. Pika Pika?

(How Ash looks now! >>>>)

-Third person POV-

Ash walked around the town with his faithful Pikachu and his shoulder. He saw many trainers walking with their Pokemon, and then the human Pokemon.

"It's crazy how Professor Oak discorded these huh Pikachu?" Ash said. Pikachu nodded. Over the years Ash Ketchum has developed mentally and physically, as any other living being would. His voice has gotten deeper, as well as some facial hair now and then. Basic puberty of males. He returned to Pallet Town after a long journey of adventures with is friends. His mother was overjoyed to see him, but him being a man of 19 now, he soon got his own home. Misty became a very, very, well known gym trainer. And as for Brock, well, he is still set on every woman. As for Dawn and the others, sad to say that he has lost contact with them. The only reason he has stayed somewhat in touch with Brock and Misty is because they are very very close. The contents of his life is a blur really, all of which is n the past, so he doesn't dwell on it.

"Pika pika!" Pikachu yelled jumping off of Ash's shoulder into the woods. Ash was puzzled.

"Pikachu! Wait up!" He yelled running after his yellow companion. Pkachu never slowed down until he reached a rather large bush. Ash started painting, resting his hands on his knees.

"What was that about Pikachu?" Ash asked in between breaths. Pikachu simply stared into the bush, unmoving. Ash raised his eyebrows and touched his friend.

"Pikac-" However, he didn't get to finish because the Pokemon ran into the bush with lighting speed. Ash jumped into the bush after him and gasped at what he saw.

In the bush, was a human Pokemon. A Pikachu at that. She was naked, and seemed to be unconscious and hurt. Pikachu just sat there and stared at the pika girl, touching her with his head now and then. He then looked up at his master and made a little sad 'Pika..' Ash knew what he meant. Ash took off his jacket and put it around the girl. He carefully picked her up, making sure he wasn't hurting her. He was surprised at how light she was.

"Well Pikachu, I wonder what we should do with her," Ash said walked to his home with Pikachu and the mysterious girl with yellow hair and ears.

Soo first chapter! ^^
Hope you all like it.
It will get better I promise!
As far as I've seen I haven't see any other stories like this, I could be wrong.
Oh well.
I was originally inspired to write this because of Dj S3RL's song 'Pika girl"
And for my love of Pokemon ^^
Soo I hope you enjoy, Byee! ^^