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Guarding My Heart *Alec Volturi*
Story published March 2, 2013 · updated March 20, 2013 · completed · 114 pages · 24,813 readers · 242,116 reads
A new Gift
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A new Gift

Jane's Point Of View:
I heard Carly screaming in her rom and I felt so bad for her, we had taken her away from her family and right now, she probably needed them most, but Alec needed me, he looked completely lost and numb, completely distraught. I wanted to help my older brother bt at the same time I was so angry with him, I decided to get the telling off done first, we had walked to the training room where Demetri and Felix were training hard, I sank to the floor nex to Alec and rounded on him,
"What the hell, Alec. If you loved her you wouldn't of said all those things."
"I know Jane I know."
"You've completely broke her I've never heard her so upset."
"I know Jane."
"I don't think an apology comes close to even grazing what you need to do to make this up to her."
"Jane I get the idea.
"No you don't the Alec because look at you, you should be going to her room and making up but instead your sitting here wallowing in self pity!"
"Jane I get it shut up!" he yelled. I flinched a little sighing, resting my head on his shoulder, he didn't put his arm around me, just closed his eyes as he sat there, looking incredibly upset.  "I'm such an idiot, I got mad and I let it destroy everything, I tried so hard and it's all blown up in my face because of one stupid little toddler tantrum! jane I love her, so much it huts, I can't stand knowing that I'm the reason she's like this, I hate myself for god sake please just rip my head off so all this is over with!" he hissed, punching the floor angrily. I jumped a little, I had guessed he loved her but this much, no way. He was in so muc pain and for once, I couldn't make it go away.

Carly's Point Of View:
I woke up, my face tight with tears, and my eyes feeling dry and itchy, I was still clutching Ness's note and dads jacket was wrapped around me. I put them all away safely in my cabinet and not caring how I looked, left my room, I was angry and upset, confused and irritated, scared and hopefull all at the same time which made me angrier because my feelings were so mixed up, so I went to the training room to blow off some steam on a punch bag or something. I walked through the door and froze, my heart stopping for a moment or too, they were all  here, Alec looked up at me but immdietley dropped his gaze, I moved around him and Demetri looked at me sympathetically, I nodded and got into a ready position, he came at me andI flung him over my head, I beat the crap out of both him and Felix, een when it was two against one, my anger had slowly dissolved and my upset was begining to fade, infact, all my emotions were, I was a cold hard shell, an emotionless void, and it hurt so much. I held my hand up for her a high five from Felix, but before he could do anything a swrod flew out of the cabinet across the room at me, I didn't have time to react and the sword went straight through my hand, I screamed loudly and everyone rushed over, except Aec who just stare at the floor his head in his hands, I pulled out the sword and dropped it on the floor, holding my bleeding hand out infront of meand hopping up and down,
"We need a adoctor or bandages, something!" Jane yelled, I shook my head, my eyes tearing up in pain but I refused to cry again. My cut began to seal itself up, my skin glazing over as hard as it was before. I was shakig slightly, the pain was unbearable it stang like hell but I couldn't do nothing about it. "Well I think you've got another gift." Jane mumbled in awe, I visualised the sword flying into my hand, only me catching it by the handle and it rose up, with a twist of my wrist I sent it back into the cupboard where it belonged. I smiled a little and saw Alec, he had joined us, standing in the back, I sighed refusing to look at him, as whenever I did, my heart shattered into a million more pieces, soon there'd be nothing but dust it would of split that many times. I dipped into his thoughts, wondering what he actually was thinking, I only wanted to know if what he had said was true, I looked through his memories, what he was thinking right now, his head was full of me. He was always thinking about me, he was in a lot of pain after our explosive argument, he was hurt, he wanted to ry but he couldn't, he had asked JAne to rip his head off! I felt so guilty that I had caused all of this pain, I didn't want to say I knew though so I just looked away, my emotionless face set in stone as I followed behind Jane as she towed me along to show Aro my new gift, the whole thing passed in a blur, my head was too busy thinking about Alec, I wouldn't to make it up to him and say sorry for yelling but then part of me was nagging that he was in the wrong for killing that stranger, that he deserved my yelling and he had hurt me so bad he didn't deserve my forgvness, I made various objects fly toward me, my eyes glassy in a dream like state, my brain not really aware of what my body was doing, Aro dismissed us and I just streaked back to my room, locking the door and lying on my bed, why did everything have to be so confusing?