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One Shots
Story published March 2, 2013 · updated July 22, 2013 · 33 pages · 737 readers · 2,725 reads
E3 &1D lover
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E3 &1D lover

"Come on Em! We're gonna be late!"
shouted my friend Angel.
She was taking me to meet her boyfriend Wesley's band mates.
We got in her car, seeing how as she's 19 and has her license but I'm 16 and only have my permit.
I turned on the radio, and Sunset Blvd by Emblem 3,Wesley's band, was playing.
Angel Smiled, "The boys are so excited to meet you! Your gonna love Keaton, he's your age, insanely cute, and Wes and I may have put some good word in for you."
I laughed as she sand along with the radio.
"She started to get the best of me while she makes her mind up whether she wants me or Wesley"
"Well, we both know how me and boys are. No matter how good the words you put in for me were, I doubt he'll like me anymore than a friend."
she sighed.
"You know what, we're here. You are gonna talk to Keaton, after introducing yourself to him and Drew, he is gonna fall madly in love with you, and we will be sister-in-laws within a matter of years."
I laughed at the last part, we got out and Angel knocked on the door.
Wesley answered,
"Angel! Emily! The guys are in my room, come on."
He wrapped an arm around Angel and I followed.
Once we got into his room I spotted two amazingly cute guys playing Call of Duty, and Wesley paused the game.
He and Angel sat on his bed and I just stood there, awkwardly, next to the door and smiled at the noticeable blush Angel got when Wesley pulled her onto his lap.
I heard a chuckle.
"Hey, I'm Drew."
said the buff older looking blonde.
said the younger, my age I'm guessing, boy shyly.
Awww, he is sooo cute!
Angel was right.
"I'm Emily, nice to meet you."
I said.
I saw Angel smirk.
"Keaton, Em is your age, -" "you should talk to her, get to know her."
Wesley finished.
We all sat down, Keaton awkwardly tried to start conversation.
"So, Emily, your really pretty..." he trailed off.
I laughed, feeling more confident.
"Aww, thanks Keaton, your adorable."
"We should go to the beach." Drew said randomly.
I heard simultaneous yesses, and I just nodded and walked out, trailing behind Angel, with Keaton and Drew behind me.
It was kind of quiet walking to the beach.
Keaton and Drew were whispering and kept glancing up at me, and Angel and Wes were in their own little world.
Too cute! I want something like that!
Once we made it to the beach the love birds left to take a walk, Drew went to flirt with some girls, and me and Keaton were just walking along the shore, neither of us really saying anything.
It wasn't an awkward silence either.
After a few minutes I felt Keaton stop and grab my hand.
I stopped and looked back at him, worried.
I saw him blushing.
"Emily, I like you. Like, a lot. I know we just met today, but I like you a lot. No, we haven't talked much, and I don't know much about you, but what I do know is that there is something about you that's different. The reason I haven't talked much is because I got shy. You made me shy! I didn't know what to do or say around you. I just want to know, do you feel the same? I understand if you don't, I mean, take your time, we can wait, and if you never feel the same -"
I cut him off with a kiss that lasted until we heard Wesley, Drew, and Angel all calling our names.
We pulled away, and before they made their way over to us, I pulled him into a hug, got on my tip toes, and whispered in his ear,
"I like you too Keaton, a lot."
A huge smile spread across his face the size of the Atlantic Ocean.
I smiled back, slightly blushing.
"Will you be my girlfriend Emily?"
I nodded crazily.
"Of course Keaton!"
He picked me up and spun me around before setting me down and giving me a kiss with so much passion, everything else in the world disappeared.
It was just us, and I loved it.