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Austin mahone and the crew preferences
Story published March 3, 2013 · updated March 21, 2013 · 3 pages · 2,983 readers · 15,630 reads
how you meet
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How you meet

Austin: you were walking through the mall not realy paying
attention then you bumped into someone and fell im so
sorry you hear someone say you look up to see a really cute
guy in front of you no its my fault i should watch were im
going im austin by the the boy say im (yn) you exchanged
numbers and left

Alex: you had just moved to san antonio and you were really
bored so you went walking around you were at a park when
you heard someone yelling yo watch out thing you know a basketball hit you in the head when you look to see where it came from you see two guys you notice one of them is really cute the cute one comes up to you and says hi im alex and sorry about that then you say im (yn) and it cool i didnt die

Robert: your at subway and the person i front of you is taking forever to deciede what they want and your getting really impatient finally you tell them hurry the heck up you get a dirty look from the lady in front of you but the person behinde you is turn around and ask whats so funny and he says your talking to the manger and im robert im (yn) thats really the manager robert says i like you (yn) we should hang out sometime

Tyler: you and your best friend are walking around when you see a group of guys one.of them catches your eye (ybfn) is
looking at something else then the hot guy starts walking
toward you guy and you say omg (ybfn) hes coming this way and she.say chill (yn) whose coming when you go to answer standing in front of you hi im tyler and i was wondering if you wanna hang out sometime the.guy says ya that would be cool and im (yn) tyler says alright cool see ya

Zach: you were getting im the elevator to go up to your room
when a guy and say hey which going to
you answer him by saying 26 ok cool me to till you get to your floor im (yn) by the.way nice to (yn) im zach