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Love and War *Sequel to This Means War*
Story published March 3, 2013 · updated October 27, 2013 · 36 pages · 1,418 readers · 7,556 reads
*Chapter 2*
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*Chapter 2*

Angel's POV

  I walked back into my dorm and threw the muffins at Blake while I set the to cups of hot chocolate down. I picked up my phone and Blake laughed "Wow An you haven't been that desperate over your phone since I last hid it." I stuck my tounge out at him and Louis voice answered on the other end.


  "LOUIS!!!" I screamed jumping up and down.

  "Angel is that you?" He asked in disbelief.

  "No. I'm Santa Clause." I laughed.

 "Then can I have a Lamborghini?" He said. I could hear the smile in his voice. "Angel!!" Eleanor yelled into the phone.

  "El I miss you so much."

  "Same here. Glad to see you didn't forget about us." She laughed. "Fine. I have to go Lou wants to talk to you." She said. "Okay babe." I smiled.

  Lou got back on the phone. "Angel guess what?" "No. But I guess your still gonna tell me right." "We're turning 21 in four days sadly." He said in a sad tone.

 "Yes we are. What are you doing for our birthday?"

 "Going to mum's house then spending Christmas there then New Year's in Holmes Chapel with Harry."

  Mum, I never met her or my dad I wonder if Lou talked about me to them. As if he read my mind he said "You should come with us!"

 "Uhm..." I hesitated. Don't get me wrong or anything I want to see Mum and Dad but I guess not knowing what their reactions are going to be is a little worrying.

 "Come on An! Mum was so happy when I told her about you and the girls were even more excited!" He pleaded.

 "I...fine I'll go." I mumbled. Louis started to ramble. Wait! Harry, was he going to be there? Oh God that will be awkward. "Are you still there?" Louis asked. I snapped out of my  thoughts and answered him.

 "Yeah....Um Lou?"

  "What's wrong An? You seem uneasy about something?" Lou asked.

  "Is uhm Harry going to be there?" I asked. Blake looked up at me and frowned. I already told him the whole story about me and Harry. "Yeah I mean he is apart of the band. I'm sorry about you guys." He said sadly.

  "It's fine. When should I come down?"

  "Three days should be good." I glanced over at Blake he has no family just his boyfriend that he lives with. "Can I uh bring a friend?" I asked. Blake looked up at me and I winked.

 "Sure! Who?"

 "Blake." I answered.

  "Okay....well see you in a few days."

 "Bye little bro." He groaned "But I'm taller."

 "For now." And with that I hung up.

  I faced Blake who was shaking his head. "Please sugar for me. It's gonna be super awkward with Harry around please for me." I was actually on my knees.

  "I was suppose to be at home with Tyler." He whined. "Please you owe me." I pointed a finger at him. "For what?" He asked. "Nothing but please...and isn't his family going to be there?" I raised an eyebrow at him. "Crap....." He muttered.

  You see I met Tyler and his family before at the same time I had to fake date Tyler because his family doesn't 'approve' of his and Blake's relationship. Yeah so long story short I was just there as a human prop while Tyler and Blake made lovey dovey faces at each other.

  "Fine. Because I love you." He smiled. "Please you just don't want to be around his family while Tyler is around you because....well you get grabby." I smirked.

  "Shut up and put the DVD in." He sighed and sat on the floor. I put in 'Dead Tone' and sat next to him as we enjoyed the muffins, hot chocolate, and the movie. But one question kept popping up in my mind 'Did Harry forget about me?'.

Louis' POV

  I hung up the phone and turned to El. "Who is Blake?" She shurgged and I sighed. Did she move on from Harry already? Harry has been kept to his self lately which is not like him. I walked into the kitchen with El behind me and sat down on the stool next to Dani and Sophie. They were choosing a venu.

  "So Lou which one- What's wrong?" Dani asked. "Angel is coming home and she's meeting Mum." I sighed.

  "Oh my God that's great! Why so glum?" Sophie asked in confusion.

  "She's bringing a friend Blake." I frowned.

 "Well at least she moved on from Harry. It's better for her to be happy then sulking around right?" El said while patted my back. 

"I know. But I'm worried if Harry has."


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