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Teen Titans- The Prophecy
Story published March 3, 2013 · updated May 11, 2013 · completed · 20 pages · 830 readers · 6,792 reads
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~Robin POV~

I woke up early the next day and went to the living room.  Aya was sleeping on the sofa in a ball form.  I didn't know to wake her up or not.  I just left her alone and went to the roof top.  The sun started to rise and leave its glow on the sea top.  I heard the roof top door open and Aya stepped out of the door and yawned tiredly.  

"I'm going to see Fall, be back in a bit."

I nodded.  I didn't really care if she left.  That is her responsibility and I had no control over it either.  I looked and saw Aya going back to the city and I laughed a bit.  The girl may be from the prophecy that Raven spoke of, but that doesn't change the fact that I just don't trust her.  She doesn't even speak of her past as if she is hiding from something, but I don't know.


Aya got back around noon before any trouble started.  She smiled at me on the way in and Raven gave her the communicator.  And the alarms went off and she looked at the blinking red lights.

"Trouble." I said as always.

I got onto my motorcycle and was about to go off until Raven pointed at Aya.  I groaned as I tossed her the helmet and she put it on as I started to go.  She warped her arms around my chest and put her head on my back.  I didn't like it.  I didn't like the way she held onto me but I didn't say anything.   We got to the site of the crime and it was Hive Five robbing a bank.  I heard Aya smirked as she attacked Gizmo.  It would be easy for her.  All he has is metal.  She was able to bend it all into a huge ball and bounced it in her hand.  Then See-more shoot an eye at her.  I kicked him in the back of his head as she popped the eye.  Beast Boy was dealing with Billy Numerous with StarFire.  Raven was fighting the dark one.  I saw Aya finsh Gizmo up by putting metal to hold him still.  She went to help out Beast Boy and StarFIre.  I went back to my fight with See-More who seemed as if he was looked at Aya.  I was able to knock him out as Raven was able to catch her fighter.  Aya and Beast along with Starfire came up with a plan.  Aya made a metal box keeping them all together and made beast Boy turn into an elephant and land on them.  Than laid the one Billy.  

"Cool." She said.

Went back to the tower and Aya rode with me again but didn't put her head down on my back.  When we got back I gave he 50 dollars and she thanked me.  She went back to the city to give to money to Joey.  Some reason I didn't trust him nor little Fall.  They seemed as if they are faking it.  Well, Aya trusted them and I am not getting into a fight with her.  I sighed as Cyborg called us for lunch.  Ham sandwiches and Beast Boy will eat what ever he gets.  But can we really trust Aya and her friends?