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Story published March 5, 2013 · updated 22 hours ago · 64 pages · 2,531 readers · 20,780 reads
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So I'm goin to move on to the next country because I want to keep the pace going. 
And just thought you guys would be cheered up by this photo. I thought it was quite funny as it's really true.

Harry's POV (didn't see that one coming did you know)
Paul was driving us to our next hotel. We had been on tour for a few months now and it was still as exciting as the first time. All the fans were so supportive, most of the time. There were occasional haters on the other boys' girlfriends and even sometimes on Micky and Georgie. Which I didn't get. They are our bodyguards for crying out loud, though I swear Micky and Zayn have something going on. Talk about friends with benefits. Though she had been really distant with him lately.
Apparently he hadn't told her about Perrie, but come on she should have known. Anyway they had gone out to the cinema one of the times in New Zealand and the paps had caught them. Of course the next day the headlines were of them. Perrie then called and she and Zayn had a massive row. They broke up and Micky was annoyed at Zayn for cheating on Perrie.
I glanced over to Micky. She was curled up, tapping her fingers on the window as she watched the world go by. Zayn was in the front, shooting occasional glances in her direction. Every time he would sigh and turn back to the front. I did feel sorry for him, incredibly so. Louis, Liam and Niall were facing us in the car and all three of them were asleep, snoring, drooling, mumbling. You name it. Georgie was in between Micky and I. I looked down, she was pressed against my chest and looked really comfy. I smiled and draped my arm around her, squeezing her closer. She was shaking a bit and murmuring things in a language that I couldn't understand. I looked at her closer, stroking her golden locks away from her face. What I saw shocked me. Tears were streaming down her face. "Georgie, are you okay love?" I whisper, stroking her cheek so I can wake her up nicely. Her eyes flutters open and she jumps back "Oh my gosh Harry I'm so sorry. It's just I was so tired and -"
"Love don't worry. You sleeping was completely fine, I was just wondering if you were okay. You were crying in your sleep."
"Oh I'm fine. Just reliving some moments. No biggie." She brushes me off. I look at her sceptically but let it pass. I have no idea what she went through in Iraq so I guess I'm not the best person to talk about it. "If you ever want to talk about it. I'm here for you, okay." She nodded, glancing around. When she was satisfied that no one would hear our conversations she turned back to me. 
"I feel guilty. Every night, I have the same dream. I'm standing there and I'm in the exact same war-zone. There's also a little kid called Yakob. He used to come and see us every day when we were on patrol duty. One day there was an ambush and the guys, the Taliban  actually came out. Shooting right left and centre. I've never been so scared in my life. Then one Taliban came out from nowhere and grabbed Yakob and his little brother. I try to run after them but I can't move. Yakob also looks me straight in the eye and cries out "Help me!" and I can't help him. Harry, I can't help him and it's my fault." She starts sobbing into my chest. I rub her back "It's okay." I give her the biggest hug ever and she smiles up at me. I smile back and she leans back in her own chair. "Thanks Haz. Just needed to get that off my chest."
I nod. Wow, Georgie is one complicated person and as I think about it this is the first that I have ever seen her cry.

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed from a single word: Freedom, Justice, Hope, Honour, Mercy, Duty, Love. ~ Winston Churchill