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Story published March 8, 2013 · updated May 26, 2013 · completed · 16 pages · 765 readers · 7,069 reads
{10} Spring Break
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{10} Spring Break Pt. 1

After a week of rest my black eye and most of my bruses healed. Trey was super kind to me. He ran hot baths for me and made me breakfast. Alex didn't even call me, he mustt be drunk. We made it to L.A were we met Melina's sister who gave us all keys to her house because she was going out of town for break. Melina was right, her house was huge. We found our rooms by the paper with our names on the door. I unpacked and went downstairs. melina was making jello shots to kicpk off spring break. Ray took one.

melina: Your not going to wait? There not that good like that.

ray: Yeah but I make a bet with Trey.

trey: Drink up.

Ray gulpped it and ran to the sink. He gagged the whole thing up. I laughed. Melina turned to face me.

melina: You laughed!
me: So?

melina: Nothing, its just, I haven't heard you laugh in a long time.

Me: Yeah, it feels good. I'll be in my room, tell me when the shots are done.

I walked upstairs  and into my bathroom. Melina's sister had those tubs with jets, something I always wanted. I ran the water and looked through the bubble bath, picking which one I wanted. I went with Dragon Flower. Five minutes into my bath Trey came in.

trey: Whoa.

me: Trey!

He turned around covering his eyes.

trey: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just thought you wanted a drink.

I made sure the bubbles were covering my body and told Trey to take a seat. I opened the bottle and poured me a drink. I sipped it.

me: Damn that's good. The bubbles go to my head. 

trey: How do you feel?

me: Lighter then air.

trey: Wait till we get to the club tonight.

I sank into my bath, letting the jets beat my back. 

trey: You ready to face the mirror yet?

me: No Trey, not yet.

trey: Why don't you just leave him? You see what he's doing to you.

I sank deeper into the bath.

trey: I'm sorry.

me: Hand me that towel.

He gave it to me and turned around. I got out of the tub and wrapped it around my body, loving the soft fluffiness of it. Walking past Trey and picked me up.

me: Trey?!

trey: What?

He held me like a baby carrying me to bed. Cold and naked and in a towel, he tucked me in. He drained the water and was about to leave.

me: Please stay. I hate being alone.

trey: I'll come back, promise.

*Ray P.O.V*

The guys and I had to pick who was going to drive tonight. We took four unfinished jello shots and drank them. Who ever gagged them up first would drive. Guess who lost. That's right, me.  I had two drinks and I was done. Melina was crazy drunk. As I took her to her room we fell on her bed. I tried to get her to sleep but she was on top. We kissed. Her hands ran up and down my body. God that felt good. Then I remembered she was drunk. I got up and zipped up my pants. 

melina: Whats wrong?

me: Nothing?

melina: Don't you want to do it? 

me: Well, yes.

melina: Then why not now? What are you guy or something?

me: Melina, I love you babe. And I would love to make love to you, but not like this. Your drunk and you need to sleep. I would never have sex with you if your drunk, never. I just want you to know that.

She sighed and sat up.

melina: I'm not drunk Ray. I was just acting. I- I had to know. Do you love me for me or was I dating some guy who wanted to get in my pants.

me: Melina, I love you. And I will always love you.

We kissed. Then we made out. Then, we made love.