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Hey gurrl'
Story published March 9, 2013 · 2 pages · 16 readers · 27 reads
Julie Styles?
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Julie Styles?

Haha yeah... well that's me umm... No Styles is not my real last name but I hate my real
one because its still my abusive father's so I just go by Styles :3 meow so heres abot me :D
I guess I have some secrets I guess I can tell you umm... you'll just see... 

Name: Julie Ann-Marie Styles
Color: Teal :3
Band: One Direction :D
Song: Little Things
D.o.b: November 10th
Friends: Harry (hasn't met the rest of the boys yet :3) , Kalel, Joey, Felix(Pewdiepie) :o, Maritza (Cutiepie);o thts all :3
enemy: Father yeah....
food: all of it yummm
From: Ireland but moved in with Harry 3 years after my father started to abuse me
umm about that secret haha yeah im a shapeshifter but only Harry knows I can change into any thing I want no matter how big or how small
no im not immortal :D so yeah lets get on with my story now shall we?