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One Way or Another [Harry Styles Love Story]
Story published March 9, 2013 · updated December 7, 2013 · completed · 101 pages · 33,888 readers · 282,460 reads
Alexia Cooper
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Alexia Cooper

Hello beautifuls! It's me again. As you can see, I have changed a lot!

I'm 19 now and I blow out my candles 4th September. 

I'm now famous and 'fake' dating, the one and only Justin Bieber. Justin's great, sweet and funny but we are not each others types. And he's still a little upset about the whole Selena thing. Yes, I have met Selena and she's really sweet, so no hate! 
I sing, model and act. I still dance but it's on my free time or in a movie or something. It was Max (my neighbors if you guys forgot) who made me sing and play the piano one time and without me knowing he filmed it and posted it on youtube. Demi Lovato found me, I mean how cools is that?! We met and I sang for her and we made a CD, played it on radiostations and I guess people liked it.

It's been three years since the whole Harry thing. I talked with the rest off the boys for a while, but they got famous and I guess they forgot about me, Jasmine, Zeke, Duke and Holly. (I changed Justins name in 'YGTOT' to Duke since Justin Bieber is in this story too and now you don't get confused, hopefully...)

My favourite color is still blue, but my favourite food is chinese. I never ate much in USA or England but Justin made eat it and it's freaking awesome! I live in L.A with Justin now, since we are 'dating' now.
Duke and Holly are still together and they are super cute! And I got my partner in crime back, MIA!

Friends: Mia White, Jasmine Martinez, Holly Jones, Zeke Stevens, Duke OrsinoJustin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Alfredo Flores.

Likes: My friends, family, music, acting, art, dance, my fans! and Ed Sheeran.
Dislikes: Cheaters, fake people, 1/5 of One Direction, darkness, pineapple, peanuts.

Justin doesn't know that I knew One Direction, well they weren't One Direction then but you get what I means I hope.. Anyway I'm planing on have it like that for a while since he's good friends with Zayn and Niall and he hate cheaters so yeah, maybe you get my point. Yeah so Zayn dumped Jasmine too, because the mangement didn't want the boys to have any girlfriends by the time. I think that's ridiculous but whatever. 
Louis as a beautiful girlfriend named Eleanor and Liam has Danielle. I have met both of them for a little while and they are super sweet!
I have a belly piercing! And I have got 3 tattos! First one 'faith' with the birds on my right arm, me and demi got matching. The second one on my neck and the third one.

That's all for me. Bye Beautifuls!