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The Principal's Daughter *Finished*
Story published March 9, 2013 · updated August 6, 2013 · completed · 104 pages · 121,872 readers · 1,720,224 reads
Giving out Pamphle
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Giving out Pamphlets ♥

Lia's P.O.V
I looked through the bleary window pane of the car, and the office door of Stepping Stones opened. My mother looked grumpy as she walked back in the car. "What's the matter?"
I asked, though I already knew. "Stepping Stones is the matter."
She practically growled," A horrible cheap school, full of irresponsible boys, all dirty and awful. Every year we have to accept one of them, and every year they get one of our young ladies pregnant, and then become suspended for half the year anyway. Ridiculous!"
I stifled a giggle, and my mom glared at me. I coughed, trying to cover up,"It's alright mom, we get the best students  from every other school too, they'll raise our standards." 
My mom groaned, and hand over her eyes," Oh, but the scores! They were horrid! This boy won't last one day in the Academy."
I agreed with her, just as the taxi driver started up the car, and started to pull out of the weed covered driveway. I looked out the back window of the car, and saw a face in the higher window of the school, a guy with dirty brown hair, a ruggedly handsome face, and smoke from his cigarette curled from his lips. His dark chocolate eyes were noticeable even from far away, and we studied each other for a moment, before I turned away, disgusted and disgruntled. I was the rich girl driving away in an expensive taxi, off to her Academy, and he was a dirty boy with no future because of his mistakes. 
I tossed my hair with elegance, not noticing that the boy was still watching me, with his chocolate brown eyes.  

And all at once it struck me, and I knew why he looked familiar. "Oh my God."
I breathed," Mom, who was the boy who got a scholarship?"

I was almost afraid of the answer. My mom flipped open the folder she brought back,and peeked inside," His name was....Jay Oakley."
I felt like someone was choking me. I felt my eyes spill over within seconds, and I peered over my shoulder, trying to see the boy in the window again... but he was already gone. 

Jay's P.O.V
I saw Lia from the window.
The lady that came in to talk to me must have been her mother. I watched as the car drove away. I was u
nable to be seen from behind my bedroom window, but she still seemed to be looking my way. I snuffed out the flame on the cig, and threw it out the window. I leaned back on my bed, and called my mom. Cos, you know, that's what teenage guys do when they are facing inner turmoil. 
It rang for a bit, and ten she picked up," Jay!"
Every sound showed delight, but I knew better. She hadn't bothered to call me in months. One visit. Five texts. 
"Hey mom. I got a scholarship and I want to go to Connelly Academy for my Junior and Senior year."
Yup. Straight to the point. My mom gasped," Sweetie that's great! Are you sure you'll fit in with the other students after being so medicated all these years?"
I felt sick. All of these years at this cruel school was medication? I bit back my sharp reply, and simply said," Uh, yeah."
"How much will it cost?"
"Less than this place, I'm sure."
My mom seemed to consider," Yes, this, er, special school cost a lot to get you in, and fix you up."
Fix me up? I wiped my leaking eyes on my sleeve. My mom hates me. I managed to croak," Y-yeah. Okay, well, can I go?"
"Sure honey. I'll get Dad to pick you up next week, because these academy's are all year round, right?"
"Okay, bye sweetie! I'm sure dad will be excited to see you."
I was a bit more doubtful. I said bye, and then we hung up. 
I could be going to school with Lia again.
I looked around at the dirty black clothes, and the cigarettes, and I knew I could never fit in at this school. 
But I just want to see her. God, I want to see her so badly. 
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'I always wondered why someone didn't do something about that, then i realized, I AM SOMEBODY.'