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Hetalia reader x child!country inserts.
Story published March 10, 2013 · updated July 9, 2013 · 16 pages · 2,944 readers · 10,264 reads
Chibitalia's Italy
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Chibitalia's Italys x You!

You walked in the store. Carrying a long sheet of paper. You sighed and walked through the old shop that was there before even you were born. "Ahh! Caio _______. What can I get you today?" You smiled at Romulas. He owned the store and has known you for quite sometime. "Caio to you too Romulas. Just doing the regular shopping." Suddenly a gunshot was heard. Romulas's usally calm face turned to one of complete shock. You being the helpful type ran to the problem faster than Romulas. "Wait _________! It could be dangerous." When you got there you saw a small child crying and another stareing at you with fear in his eyes. You also saw an all to familar red liquid on the street. You walked slowly and saw a lady on the floor bleeding. You soon realized it was Romulas's daughter Feliciana. "Feliciana what happened? I'll take you to the hospital." "No.. ______. It's too late for me. I ask you for a favor." You nodded, tears streaming down your (s/c) cheek. "Watch Feliciano and Lovino for me." You nodded and with the last of her strength she smiled and said. "Thank you _______." And with that Feliciana stood still. You turned to see the children you presumed were Feliciano and Lovino. You stood up and grabbed the smaller of the two trying to calm him down. You spoke in a calm manner. "Come on lets see your Grandpa." When you got in the shop. Romulas stared at you with a look of guilt in his eyes. "Hey Romulas you have some explaining to do. Don't you?" **Later on...** "So Feliciana was part of a mafia. And she got killed because of her position." Romulas nodded his brown eyes holding guilt still. "Sorry for not telling you _____." You smiled softly and tried too make him feel better. "It was her path to choose. It's not your fault Romulas." He smiled and seemed as though a heavy burden was liffted off him. "Well she wanted you to watch Feli and Lovino hm?" You nodded glancing at the children on your right, sleeping as if those memories of there mother's death dissipeared. "Well first thing's first. They love home made pasta." You nodded softly strokeing the older one's hair. "The one that you were holding is Feli and the older one is Lovino." You smiled than picked both of them up. "Well I guess this is good bye for now Romulas." He waved bye as you walked out with some difficultey. Romulas noticed the forgotten list and decided to deliver the items to you for free. "It's for the best. Good luck _____."
**Three months later...**
"Veee! _____ help me." You sat on the old brown rocking chair you had been reading (book title). "What is it Feli got Lovino mad again." "Yes." You sighed and got up to see Lovino hiding behind the couch. "Lovino? What's wrong are you sick?" "No ______ there's some Idiota outside. They were watching me and Feli. So I told him to leave." You rubbed Lovino's back and told him to wait there. You got up and snuck out the backdoor of your house. You went to the front and saw a man with tannish skin, emerald eyes and had a basket filled with Tomatoes? What a weirdo. You realized he was looking into your house and didn't see or hear you. 'Perfect.' You snuck behind him and moved close to his ear. "AND WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR'E DOING?!" He jumped and turned around. " Tomates Santos i juro que no soy un pervertido honesto! Ehh? Oh thank godness it's just you Miss." You stood up tell you were about as tall as him. "Why are you looking in my house. Watching my children." "Oh allow me to introduce my self, i'm Antonio, one of Felicianas friends. I just came by to see if the Niños were all right." You nodded and put your hand out. "I'm sorry I didn't know who you were so. Anyway i'm ______. Would you like to come in?" He put his hand out and shook it. "Sí." Once in you introduced them to Antonio. It was about time for them to go to bed. "Night Mamma." Your (e/c) eyes widen when Feli said that. "Night Bambinos."

*Romulas:Rome, Feliciana:Fem!Italy, Feliciano:N.Italy, Lovino:Romano/S.Italy, Antonio:Spain.*
*Translations(Sorry if wrong I used google translate)*
*Caio:Hello, Idiota:Idiot, Tomates Santos i juro que no soy un pervertido honesto: Holy tomatoes i swear i'm not a pervert honest, Niños:Children, Sí:Yes*