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Live Until We Die [BoyxBoy] Narry
Story published March 10, 2013 · updated August 31, 2013 · 50 pages · 2,620 readers · 17,675 reads
New Friends
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New Friends

It had been two days since Harry and Niall's first encounter. the spent the day before walking around and Niall showing Harry where everything was. 

Niall walked through the hall looking for Harry's room. When he finally go there he walked right in.

"Hey! What the hell!" Zayn yelled

"Oops sorry," Niall said squeezing his eyes shut and closing the door behind him, "wait now I can’t see anything"

"I'm dressed now" Zayn said harshly

"Sorry Zaynie, didn't know you we're changing. Where's Harry?" Niall said as sweetly as possible.

"He's in the bathroom" Zayn said still in a harsh tone, "Haven't you ever heard of knocking?"

Niall chuckled but stopped when he saw Zayn shooting daggers at him with his eyes. Niall scratched the back of his neck awkwardly

Harry walked out of the bathroom but froze when he saw Zayn glaring at Niall. Niall waved excitedly at Harry and Harry just half smiled back.

Zayn slammed the door as he walked out making Niall flinch.

"Hi Hazz!" Niall said plopping down on what he assumed was Harry's bed

"Hey. That's Zayn's bed" Harry said

Niall got up quickly and hopped on the other bed.

"What was that all about?" Harry asked

Niall shrugged, "Dunno. Maybe he's in a bad mood but he'll lighten up"

"You know him?" Harry asked sitting down next to Niall

"Yea. He's been here for a while doesn't talk much, heck he talks less than you. He only talks when he's yelling"

Harry nodded understandingly.

"Wait if you're rooming with him how come you don't know him?"

Harry shrugged, "Didn't really ask"

"So what do you want to do today?" Niall asked

Harry shrugged again

"Ugh Harry. Come one you have to communicate with me that's how this whole friendship thing works" Niall said grinning

Harry chuckled.

"Hey Hazz can I ask you something?" Niall said 

Harry nodded 

"How come you're so tall?" 

"Not that tall. I should be taller than this but you know." 

Niall took a good look at Harry. Harry was tall and really skinny with dark circles under his eyes. Harry looked up and looked sad so Niall changed the conversation

"Ooh I know what we can do. We can go play a bit of footy" Niall said standing up,"You do play right?"

"Yeah, but I can’t really run around much ‘cause you know " Harry said soon he was being pulled out of the room. This was a usual thing now Niall would drag him everywhere because Niall always seemed to be excited for whatever they were going to do. 

Once they got out side Harry spotted the big field. Lots of people were playing on it. Niall ran to a boy with a buzz cut and a plaid shirt. 

"Hey Liam, this is my friend Harry" Niall said 

"Hey Harry, I'm Liam nice to meet you" 

Harry shook Liam's hand, "you uh...are you sick too?" 

Niall shook his head, "Nope Liam just volunteers here" 

Eventually they began to play while Harry and Liam got to know each other. Then they heard someone shout Niall's name. Niall turned and grinned much wider if possible 

"Louis!", he shouted running towards the brunet with a striped t-shirt. 

Niall jumped on Louis and wrapped his legs around him. After a while walked towards Harry and Liam. 

"Hello!" Louis shouted even though he was only a few steps away. Louis reminded Harry of Niall a lot. 

"Hey" Harry said 

"I'm the amazing Louis, you must be the famous Harry" Louis said 

"Famous?" Harry asked 

"Well Niall told me of you over the phone so now I declare you famous!" 

Niall laughed and Liam just chuckled. Louis and Niall playfully banters with one another until Harry cut in. 

"So are you two? You know, dating?" Harry asked confused at how the boys were so close. 

Niall and Louis laughed. 

"Nope Louis is as straight as a pencil" Niall finally said

"We're just really close and we like to mess with one another. Besides Ni here has the hots for Li-" Louis didn't get to finish because Niall covered Louis' mouth with his hand and his whole face turned pink. 

"Louis you bloody idiot" Niall shouted but It came out more playful 

"What Liam already knows" Louis said 

Liam blushed and looked down at the ground. 

"So then why aren't you two?" Harry said pointing at Niall and Liam

"Because Liam is straight and has a girlfriend. Now an we go back to playing football?" Niall asked running to get the ball.

"So are you?" Louis asked 

"Louis! You don't know him you can't just ask him that!" Liam said 

"Li-Li I just wanted to know" Louis said in a kidding tone 

"I like who I like, wouldn't really label it" Harry said 

"See good for you Hazza for thinking your own way" Niall said kicking the ball around 

"Hazza?" Louis and Liam asked 

"Yea it's nickname I gave him. You like?" Niall said 

"I love it!" Louis screeched

They spend the rest of the day playing football with Louis occasionally tripping over his feet making Niall fall too. Harry actually had fun for the first time since he had arrived.