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Wanna Cry? Read.
Story published March 10, 2013 · updated November 5, 2013 · 22 pages · 66,604 readers · 345,354 reads
Story 2
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Story 2

The worst of my life happened before I could even take my first breath.

Hi mommy, you don't know I'm here yet, but you will soon.

It's been a week now, I hope you find me soon. You've been throwing up and crying a lot. I hope you're ok mommy.

Yay! Today you went to the doctor's office and he told you all about me. You cried a lot at first but then you got really happy. I'm glad you love me back. I love you very much.

I'm a little bigger now mommy, I'm growing so fast. I hope you're proud of me. I wonder if you know I love you, cause I love you very much. I can't wait to meet you and tell you that I love you. We can have a perfect family. I know you're nervous to tell my daddy, I'm nervous too. I hope he loves me like you do.

Daddy's getting suspicious. He saw you're tummy through your shirt today. And you've been eating a lot more. Does he like me? I like him. I can't wait to meet him too. You went back to the doctor's today to see how I'm doing. The doctor said everything is just fine and that I'm healthy. I guess that means I'm good. 

You finally told daddy about me. He didn't seem to take it so well. He hit you mommy. Why would he hit you? Doesn't he like me? It's my fault he hurt you isn't it? I'm sorry mommy. I love you. When I'm all grown up I'll protect you. He'll never hurt you again. He said he was leaving us. Where is he going? Is coming home soon? You cried a lot. I wanted to hug you but I couldn't. I really wish I could've made you feel better. Daddy loves you mommy, don't worry.

Daddy still hasn't come home. You also hug me a lot. I like it. You sing too. I love your voice. It makes me really happy. Maybe we can sing together some day. I'm a lot bigger now. I'll be with you soon. And we'll be a happy family with daddy. I'm so excited.

I have good news mommy! I know what I want to be when I'm all grown up. I'm gonna be a doctor. Then I can help new mommies just like you. I'd really like that. I love you mommy.

Daddy still hasn't come home. I'm worried mommy. When is he coming back? You've stopped singing mommy. Why? I miss your voice. I hope we can still sing together. You still hug me. Your hugs are nice and warm. I can't wait to hug you back.

Daddy came home. He said he's not coming back. He took all his stuff. Don't worry mommy, you still have me. I'll be with you soon. I'll keep safe and happy. We don't need daddy. I love you mommy.

You stopped hugging me too. Don't you love me? Please hug me mommy. I love you very much. Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry mommy. I never meant to be bad.

You went back to the doctor's today. You were talking about me. I'm still healthy. You talked about an abortion. What's that mommy? It sounds fun. Maybe I'll be with you sooner! Then we can sing and you can hug me and I can be a doctor and I can tell you how much I love you. Oh there's so much to do. We'll have so much fun! Daddy will wish he stayed.

I love you mommy. Don't forget it please. I wish you'd tell me you loved me too. I miss your voice.

We're back at the doctor's today. You're waiting to see the doctor. He finally let you in. I love being here. I can't wait to be a doctor. Thank you for having me mommy. You're laying on the table thingy now. You're nervous mommy. Why are you nervous? Now I'm nervous. I love you mommy. Ow, what was that? OW! Mommy they're hurting me! Make them stop! Please! Ow! It hurts mommy! Mommy I'm scared! Please help me! Don't you love me? Help me mommy! It feels like I'm being sucked away! It hurts mommy.

I'm in the world now. I see you. You're very pretty mommy. You're crying really hard. Why? I'm here with you now. It's ok mommy, I love you. Don't cry mommy.

I'm in heaven now mommy. I love you. God told me what an abortion was. It's not fun at all. It hurts. Why didn't you save me? You let them take me away from you. I miss you so much mommy. I miss your voice, and your hugs. I guess I won't be a doctor. I really wanted to sing with you. I still love you mommy. Do you love me? I love you. Can you see me? I can see you. You're still pretty. Daddy came back. He said he loves you. You believed him. Don't believe him mommy. I loved you. 

God forgives you mommy. I forgive you too. Maybe one day I'll come back. We can have a happy family. I love you mommy.