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One Direction Imagines
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You're working at Nando's, you loved your job so much because you love the food there. You needed to work so you can help your parents pay for your sister's studies. As you were doing your job, wiping tables, you see your favorite band, One Direction, outside.

You were trying to be cool and just looked at them. You see Niall turned around and saw you. He turn his head back to the boys and then turn back to you with kind of a bit shocked look. His big blue eyes widen and he just stared at you. You smiled at him and he smiled at you back.

He went in and walked towards you.

"Hey miss." He said.

"Hello Mr.Horan" You smiled and blushed.

"Wow. You look so cute when you blush.

"Hehe.. Thanks" You said and blushed even more.

"Well.. You're very pretty. And you know me.. I'm guessing you're a Directioner." He said.

"Yes. A huge one!" You say and smile.

"Well, aren't you going to hug me, kiss me, make me sign a marriage certificate, grab your phone, tell your followers you're here with me?" He asked.

"Nope. I'm a huge Directioner. But I'm not crazy." You say.

"Niall! We have to go!" The boys said.

"Wait up!" He said.

"Well. Call me later! I'll wait for your call!" He handed you a paper and you say

"Thank you! I'll call you! Promise!" And you call him that night, not even realizing he was the one you'd spend your whole life with.
Baby you light up my world like nobody else