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Maryse and cm punk
Story published March 12, 2013 · 2 pages · 205 readers · 258 reads
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mr mcmahon -id like to introduce my daughter

maryse - omg i cant believe im here
McMahon -now just because you are my daughter dont mean im taking it easy on you 
maryse (laughs) wait your kidding right 
Mr McMahon- nope
Mr McMahon- (walks out)

this plays 

cm punk- well well well what do we have here 
maryse- hi im maryse 
cm punk- well your pretty cute for a new girl 
maryse - thx
punk-well how about after your match tonight against kelly kelly  i take you out for dinner
maryse - ok 
                      MARYSES MATCH
intorducing first from jacksonville florida KELLY KELLY 

and introducing next from montreal coubeck Canada Maryse 


maryse - yes i won 
punk walks out 
punk-yeah u did now how about that dinner 
maryse -what are we waiting for
punk - so do you wanna date me now
maryse - who wouldnt 
they kiss
                 PUNKS HOUSE 
maryse - so dinner was nice hah
punk - yeah 
maryse - ummm yeah i better go its getting late
punk- wait dont go 
maryse - why 
punk- you can stay here tonight  if you  want
maryse- ok but i better call my dad on my phone 
gets out phone and calls dad on it

punk-nice phone and i have the same case but blue
maryse - really can i see 
punk takes phone out of pocket shows maryse
maryse -  i guess you werent kidding
punk- i wasnt 
maryse wellll lets get to bed we have work tmmorow
punk -alright
kelly kelly - hey maryse wait up 
maryse- yeah
kelly kelly- i think your really nice do you want to be my friend 
maryse -yeah
kelly-here ill get my phone and give you my number
maryse - ok
maryse - ok whats your number
kelly- 888-8933
maryse-ok thanks i have to go im leaving ill call you later
kelly ok bye 
 punk walks up 
punk - maryse wait
punk- why are you leaving 
maryse-im not
kelly-you told me you were
maryse - yeah to my dressing room
punk-woe kelly
punk- nice dressing room 
maryse- thanks
punk - the show gets over in 10 minutes 
maryse-lets leave early 
punk -ok
                                    NEXT DAY AT WWE BACKSTAGE
maryse looks for punk backstage
sees him
maryse-punk there you are 
punk - what do you need
maryse kisses punk  for 2 minutes 
punk- what was that for
maryse - im pregnant
punk- what really
maryse -yeah 
  punk - maryse will you marry me
maryse - yes
                                               9 MONTHS LATER
punks house 
maryse -punk get in here  
punk- yeah
maryse- i think its time
punk - you mean for the baby
maryse -yeah
punk-ok lets go 
maryse - ok 
                                                         2 HOURS LATER MARYSE GIVES BIRTH TO A BABY GIRL
  punk-awwwww shes so cute 
maryse-yeah its cause shes yours
punk-shes also your 
maryse-i know
punk-so what are we gonna name her
punk-yeah i like that name
maryse- Alana Marie Punk
punk-thats cute
maryse now lets pick a outfit
punk - igot one i bought it yesterday
maryse- should i be scared
maryse- awww its so cute  now i got some shoes to go with it and leggings its cold
punk-should i be scared
punk- cutenow lets take her home
maryse-ok get the carseat you bought 
                                                       maryse - awwwwww its cute
punk-i know right
maryse-welll lets get a blanket on her and we can go
maryse-ok lets go to the wwe first its got another hour left and i want to show my dad the baby  and my mom
punk-ok sounds good
maryse and punk get to the wwe backstage they see kelly
maryse-hey kelly
kelly-hey where were you you were out for a year
maryse - i was pregnant
kelly -did you have the baby yet
maryse-yeah wanna see her
kelly-yes i do
maryse bring her over
kelly-awwwwwww shes so cute
maryse-thank you kelly 
kelly - sooo whos the dad that got you pregnanat
maryse -cm punk
kelly -oooooohhhh girllll
maryse-he also proposed 
kelly wheres the ring
                                                        MARYSES RING
kelly -thats pretty whens the wedding 
maryse-next month
kelly-can i come
maryse-i want you to be my brides maid 
kelly-of course
                                                      ONE MONTH LATER

kelly-pretty dress
maryse - you to
                                      KELLYS DRESS

kelly - thanks 
maryse-well its time 
                                                          PUNKS TUXEDO
                                                                                  WEDDING SARAMONY

cm punk do you take maryse to love and to charish to be your lovely wedded wife 
cm punk-I DO
maryse do you take cm punk to love to charish to be your lovely wedded hosband
                                                                                                       TO BE CONTINUED