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Wild World*Finished 4/5/14*
Story published March 12, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · completed · 134 pages · 1,486 readers · 14,615 reads
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Hello old friend. Welcome back to the insanity we call some teenagers lives. Yes, the lives of Mr.Vincent Castronovo, and Ms.Vanna Weir. You know their names, and you know most of their story, but it's not over.

Get ready for the story these young adults have been summoned to. Because this time, these 2 broken kids will experience even more heartbreak, loss, gain, passion, lust, death, adult-hood, and love. 
Ooh baby baby, it's a Wild World.

Hi freaks. It's me! Vanna! The girl whose boyfriend got hit by a bus. The girl who tried to kill herself. The girl whose parents, uncle, and boyfriend died in-front of her. But mostly, the mysterious, crazy girl Vincent Castronovo fell in love with. And I fell in love with him too. But I left. Well, I am 17 now. I live in London with Tony and Tia still. But, I have a surprise. Tia and I are going back to Jersey to see Vinny and Mikey. I worked it out with his friend Heidi. Vinny is coming back from the Believe Tour with Justin Bieber for a month. Only a month. I am going to make it the best month ever. I have another surprise. It's a big one.


This is my daughter. Pearl Prynne Weir. She is 2, and will be turning 3 in 3 months.


She talks too much, she asks questions, she dances, she picks me flowers, she sings, and she speaks gibberish. She reminds me of Pearl form The Scarlet Letter. She is a vivacious little imp. She's my little imp. I know what you're thinking. 'If she's going to be 3 that means she must be...' Yes. Vinny's baby. Pearl Prynne Castronovo. And I am going to tell him that. Well, try to tell him. Anyways, I hope I don't fuck this up. Wish me luck!