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Winx Club Fan Fiction
Story published March 13, 2013 · updated September 7, 2013 · completed · 9 pages · 1,933 readers · 5,696 reads
Ch. 1: The Room
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Ch. 1: The Room

Bloom and Sky find themselves in a room at night looking for something maybe nothing, but something. When Bloom tried to use her powers but they wouldn't work, instead causing her to feel worn out, like as if the room was draining her of using her powers. Bloom then realizes that she has been there, in the room once before. Bloom and Sky try to figure out why they are in there when they figure out they were in a baby's room. "But why?" Sky says. "I don't know Sky." says Bloom, "But I think we should go into another room, this room feels like it's draining me." When they got to the next room, it was a bedroom where everything in the room was crimson red. Sky helped Bloom over to the bed, once she was on the bed she felt tired, but she had to tell Sky something,"Sky, I think I....know where....we....are..."but she fell asleep before she could finish, leaving Sky to wonder about what she was gonna say. He tried to wake her up but it was like she was under a spell of some sort. Sky searched around the room trying to find anyway to release his love from the spell, but when he found nothing he decided to search other rooms. After finding nothing of use, he returned to Bloom's side at the bed. Thensad that his beloved was asleep forever he leaned over her and kissed her in the lips, then as he moved away slowly with his eyes closed, Bloom woke up slowly. "Sky?" she said, he opened his eyes to find his love awake from her spell. "Sky," she said to him, "I know where we are. We are at the house that the Trix cursed, but now it's over." "How ?"he asked, "The power of love, love is the power that you can never take from the hearts of anyone."Bloom said as she looked in his eyes,"Now let's get outta here."So Bloom and Sky Left out the front door of the house where something, or someone was waiting.