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Winx Club Fan Fiction
Story published March 13, 2013 · updated September 7, 2013 · completed · 9 pages · 1,869 readers · 5,467 reads
Ch. 2: The Surpris
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Ch. 2: The Surprises

Suddenly as they were leaving the house forever, when Bloom was separated from Sky by chains which took her back into the house."SKY!!!" She shouted while she was being pulled into the house once again,"BLOOM!!!" Sky shouted as he ran into the house after her. Soon he lost sight of his love within the house's halls,"Bloom!!" he shouted into the emptiness. "Bloom! Bloom, Where are you!?!" "Sky!!" someone from a distance said to him."Bloom!" he calledĀ surprisedĀ  "Sky! Help! Help me!" Bloom said. "Where are you!?!" he said to her,"In this chamber!! Where are you?"She called back,"Trying to find you!"Sky said while searching the rooms of the house. "Ahh!!!" screamed Bloom, Sky said worryingly,"Bloom!?! What's wrong? Where are you?" But all he heard were screams of pain and cries calling his name:"Ahh! Sky! Ahh!! Help me, please!! Ahhh!!!" Quickly Sky rushed to where he heard Bloom's call and said,"Bloom!" As he ran into the room he saw her clothes were torn, and her head hung low as she was chained high above the ground. "Bloom?" Sky said shocked to see what had happened to her,"Mmmh." Bloom moaned as she started to wake. "Sky?" "Bloom!" he said happily knowing his love was okay. "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" someone laughed in the near-by distance. "Ahh!!" screamed Bloom when someone attacked her from behind, knocking her out. "Bloom!!" called Sky now knowing the cause of her torn clothes,"Who are you? Show yourself!" he said to the direction the attack came from . "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" said the figure coming out of the shadows. "Icy!" shouted Sky in hatred for what she has done to his beloved. "What did you do to her!?!" "Nothing," Icy said as she moved in close to Bloom and lifted her headup slightly,"I was just playing with her." the witch said pretending to be sincere. Sky looked at Icy with hatred on his face. Then Sky ran up to the chains attached to her legs, pulling out his sword and started trying to cut them. But instead of cutting the chains he shook the chains, waking Bloom up from her pain induced sleep. Icy, still beside her, looked over seeing she was awake and said," Oh, Bloom! Your awake! Ready to see your boyfriend die trying to save you?" "Huh?" Bloom said momentarally confused, then she looked down and saw Sky trying to cut the chains attached to her legs with his sword." What? Sky?" she said finally realizing the situation."Bloom!" said as he stopped trying to cut the chains. "Give it up, lover boy!" Icy said as she made an ice shard and held it to Bloom's chest. "Huh!" Bloom gasped,"Bloom!" Sky explamed as Icy held the shard in front of Bloom's chest,"If you try one more thing to free her, she'll die! So your only choice is to stand aside and watch as Bloom agrees to be my slave!" Sky growled in defeat after Icy said that. "Bloom become my slave and do whatever I say!" Icy demanded," Or else lover boy over here will die!" as Icy said that, she created an ice cage around Sky,"Ah." he said in surprise. Then as Bloom saw Sky trapped in the ice cage, she knew she could do nothing but to accept the offer. Lowering her head she said,'Yes."