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Being Liam Payne's Little Sister (A One Direction Fanfic
Story published March 15, 2013 · updated 10 months ago · completed · 319 pages · 6,364 readers · 70,210 reads
Samantha Payne
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Samantha Payne

Hello! My name is Samantha Payne. I'm the younger sister to famous One Direction band member, Liam Payne. I have a really close relationship with him. We have been Best Friends since forever. He is really protective about me and I think that's adorable. I don't get to seem him a lot because he has work stuff to do and he pretty much moved out. I'm happy for him though. He's living the dream he's always wanted. I'm the one who got Liam to audition for the X Factor the first and second time. I could have auditioned with him but I decided that's not what I wanted to do with my life.
Here are some quick things about me: 
My Age: 18
My Birthday: October 9th 1994
My Hometown: Wolverhampton, England
My Eye Colour: Blue
The Things I Likes: Reading, Drawing, Baking, One Direction, and Sleeping! 
The Things I Don't Like: Rude People, Girls with too much Make-Up, and When guys are disrespectful
Colour: Green or Blue
Food: Chocolate 
Drink: Lemon Tea (with honey)
Band: One Direction
Female Singer: Demi Lovato 
Male Singer: Ed Sheeran
Song: What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction 
Sport: Football (Or if you call it Soccer)
Thanks for reading! Stay Beautiful!

Hi! Thanks for reading! It really means a lot to me! Well please comment, heart, and follow me! Bye lovelies! Stay beautiful  ♥