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Hetalia One-Shots
Story published March 15, 2013 · updated August 20, 2013 · 52 pages · 6,254 readers · 37,180 reads
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When I Was Your Man- Bruno Mars

        Prussia's eyes snap open from his long night of sleep. "(Name)..." He rumbles out reaching for you only to find  nothing there. He sits up quickly but then relaxes, running a hand through his silver hair. "Zhat's right. She's not here anymore." He rubs his face with his hands and attempts to get ready for another long day ahead.


        "Hey Prussia!" Spain and France say at the same time. Prussia's head snaps up from the untouched lunch he was staring at, his red eyes looking around before seeing his friends. They run up to the cafe table the Prussian is sitting at.
        "Amigo, how's it going? Long time no see! Are you still with (Name)?" The albino obviously stiffens at your name. His heart breaks a little just thinking about you. He looks away from the Spaniard and the French man.
        "No. Ve're not together anymore." Spain's mouth makes an "o" shape while the France scratches his chin awkwardly. 
        "I saw her yesterday... With Germany." France says softly.
        "... I know..." 
        "They were holding hands."
        "... I know..." The French man puts a hand on Prussia's shoulder, trying to lighten his dark mood.
        "Cheer up! You're young, mon ami! You can find someone else." France wiggles his eyebrows but Prussia just shrugs his hand off and stands up abruptly.
        "Get off of me! I vish I vasn't so young, then I vouldn't be so stupid! I let my ego get in the vay of our relationship." He yells. He rushes to get out of the cafe eating area, knocking over a few chairs in the process. He walks to the city park thinking back to the day that changed everything.


        "Can you just think about anything but yourself for once?" You scream at the top of your lungs at the arrogant Prussian. He just smirks.
        "Vhy vould I vant to think of anyone but ze awesome me?" Prussia says slamming around the kitchen trying to find something to drink. 
        "Ugh! I hate you!" You run up to the room you two share, falling on top of the bed that's in said room. 
        "Come down here you stupid bitch!" You hear Prussia say. You gasp; he's never called you anything like that before. Tears pricking in your eyes, you grab a suit case from underneath the bed and start to shove some clothes into it. You've had enough. You here footsteps coming up the stairs so you start to pack faster. The door slams open and you prepare yourself to be yelled at angrily, but the voice that you hear is the complete opposite. 
        "Vhat are you doing?" You hear someone squeak out softly. You turn around to find Prussia looking at your suitcase with a glassy look.
        "I'm leaving." You whisper. "I'm tired of you treating me as if I'm nothing compared to you." You zip up the suitcase and push past Prussia.
        "Vhere are you going?" He says with more force this time, chasing after you.
        "I don't know. Maybe I'll stay with Germany." You say with bite, hoping to hurt his feelings, but what you say is true. You know the German would house you. You run down the stairs with your bag, taking one last look at living room you guys had created so many memories in.

        "You're just going to valk out?! Listen, I'm sorry I called you a bitch." He yells distressed, running down the stairs. You open the front door and look back at his grief stricken face. 
        "You're selfish Prussia, that's why I'm leaving, not because you called me that. All I wanted was for you to pay attention to me every now and then. You know, bring me flowers or chocolates." You smile bitterly and wipe stray tears away from your face. "I love you, but I... I just can't take it anymore." You walk out the door, effectively walking out of his life.


        And that's the reason why Prussia was now sitting on a nearby park bench, watching you and Germany talk on a blanket near the local pond. When you had come to the German's house searching refuge after your big fight, he had gladly let you in. It only took a couple of weeks for sparks to fly and it wasn't long before you two were an official couple. Prussia smiles softly to himself.
        "I hope he buys you flowers (Name). I really hope he does." With that Prussia stands up from the park bench, takes one last look at your laughing, joyful face, and walks out of your life just as you had in his.

So there's the first chapter! Tell me what you think. Tell me if it was awesome, if it sucked (personally I felt this sucked), or if it was okay. I'm not taking requests right now but after I get a couple chapters in I will start to take them. Comment, favorite, and follow. Thank you to everyone who read this. Wouldntulik2know out!!! 
P.S. Tell me if you find any spelling or grammar mistakes and I will fix them. Also please be kind in the reviews! XD

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