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Love Is A Dangerous Word I kind of Wish I'd Never Heard
Story published March 15, 2013 · updated June 17, 2013 · 8 pages · 93 readers · 166 reads
Well that was an i
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Well that was an interesting train ride...


There we stood on Platform 9 3/4, waiting for them to let us board the Hogwarts Express. Waiting to start the new school year.

"Joey!" We heard a voice yell from our left.

"Auntie Elizabeth is calling you." I said, smirking at my father's irritated expression.

I watched as my father embraced his younger sister.

My father and his sister looked nothing alike. While my father stood about five inches taller and head a head of dark hair. Whereas my aunt was quite petite with bleach blonde hair. The only thing that made you know they were related was the "Taylor" freckles across their cheekbones. I had them too. Actually, everyone from my father's family did.

"Hello, Mitchie!" My younger cousin said, popping her head around the two adults.

Annabel Lee stood about four inches shorter than me. I swear this girl never grew! Her bright blue eyes were always so happy. They went well with her matching blonde hair. Like the rest of our family, she also had the freckles.

"Hey, Annie." I said, waving at the smaller girl. I kicked my boots on the stony platform, not knowing what to do while my family caught up. I wasn't ever one to join in on those conversations.

"Syndree, are you ready for your fifth year?" My aunt asked, actually interested in my thoughts.

"Sort of... I mean, Cedric Diggory was a very important Hufflepuff... Our house will be mourning for some time..." I sigh, rubbing the back of my neck.

"Oh yes, the poor Diggory boy..." My aunt said, closing her mouth.

Not too long after, the train blew it's whistle, telling us it was time to board the train.

"Well, we must be going then!" My aunt said, the excitement of her daughter's next year evident in her bright green eyes.

"I'll see you on the train!" Annie yelled, her excitement showing across her face.

We waved as they scurried off towards the huge train.

"Be careful, alright?" My dad said, pulling me into a tight hug.

"Always." I said giving a reassuring glance into his matching green eyes.

I walked on to the crimson train, sighing with relief. It was time to start another year at Hogwarts. Hopefully, this year we wouldn't almost die. But if what Harry Potter said is true, that You Know Who is back, then we are in for some trouble this year. 

"Mitchie!" I heard a yell from across the train.

I smiled at the sound of the very familiar voice. A voice I had missed all summer. I spun around, ready to run into the arms of my beloved friend Hayley, but instead ran into him.

"Watch where you're going, filthy muggle-lover." An ice cold voice said with venom dripping off every word.

I frowned at the sight of the tall, lanky, blonde boy. His icy blue eyes, starring daggers into my mossy ones. I just couldn't stand him.

"Maybe you shouldn't be behind me, you pureblood scum." I spat back, "I have friends to see. But wait, you wouldn't know that feeling because Daddy Dearest buys all your friends for you."

The boy's face tinged a red color with anger. He hated me, almost as much as I hated him. He raised his hand, and within seconds, slapped me across the face. I slowly reached to touch the burning spot on my cheek.

"You muggle mother should've taught you to respect your superiors."  He spat before walking around me, but he didn't get far before he was stopped.

I watched the scene as a tall boy with dark hair picked Malfoy up by the collar of his shirt and pressed him against the wall. Malfoy's pretty face was distorted into one of pure fear as the darker boy was holding him against his will. The other boy didn't look pleased at all. You couldn't see his eyes, but you could tell by the sneer on his face that he wasn't playing around. He could even perhaps kill Draco right on the spot.

"Hasn't your father taught you not to lay a hand on a woman, you prat?" The older boy growled with a deep, husky voice.

Malfoy looked like he was going to pee himself, but the other boy wasn't loosing his grip. By this time, the other students had started surrounding the two boys, shocked expressions set on their faces. I watched carefully, wondering what move would be made next. As much as I'd love to see Malfoy's face get bashed in, I wasn't going to let Shane do that. It wasn't worth it. I got up off the ground and swiftly moved over to the two boys and grabbed Shane's shoulder.

"Let go Shane. He's not even worth the trouble." I said calmly.

"Is this your little girlfriend, Mason?" Draco spat in Shane's face.

Shane then pulled him away from the wall, just to slam him into it again. Draco's body made another solid thud as it hit the wall. His face now turning from pure terror, to pain while his body crumbled from the impact.

"Tell her you're sorry and I'll let you go you little weasel." Shane growled, tightening his grip on the pale boy.

Draco's eyes shot from me to Shane, pleading for savior. I sighed and grabbed both of Shane's arms as tightly as possible, and tried to get him to let go.

"C'mon Shane. Hayley and Annabel are probably waiting for us." I said quietly, trying to get Shane to let go of the young Malfoy.

Shane growled one last time before releasing the blonde boy and watching him slide to the floor in relief.

"If you ever touch her again, I will rip you limb from limb." He said with a quite serious tone.

The best thing about Shane is the fact that he was using empty threats. Shane really was the sweetest boy ever. He avoided conflict as much as possible. But sometimes he when he needed to scare annoying prats like Malfoy, he acted tough. Shane is really just a big teddy bear.

Malfoy looked appauled while Shane grabbed my arm and pulled me away.

"I hate annoying little prats like him." Shane mumbled.

"Don't worry about it." I said with a sweet smile.

"Don't worry about it!? Mitchie, that boy just struck you!" He said, angered by my comment, "It's my job as an upperclassman to keep you, my little sister's friend, safe. Got me?"

"Yeah, I got it." I mumbled.

As Shane and I made our way into our usual compartment, we were bombarded with hugs and laughs.

"Mitch!" My best friend yelled, jumping into my arms.

Hayley Mason was about my height. She was a tan color. Her red and black hair fell across her eyes with a sweep to the side. Her green eyes were framed with glasses that were too big, but she never really cared about little things like that.

I laughed as I held onto my closest friend.. Our jumping caused my long brown hair to fall in front of my eyes. The anxiety of returning to Hogwarts faded into relief.

"Mitchie, how was your summer?" Annie asked.

I slowly slid into a compartment seat.

"Oh, you know. the same thing as always. Refraining from using magic as I lay in my boring old house." I said, smirking.

We laughed as the train sped towards Hogwarts. Soon enough, we would be home.


Thanks for reading! I hope you like it (/.\) I haven't written in a long time. Leave a comment! <3 (I do not own Harry Potter or any of it's original characters. All those rights go to the fabulous JK Rowling, who I owe my childhood to.)