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A Piece Of My Heart (Laxus Dreyar Love Story/Fairy Tail Fanf
Story published March 18, 2013 · updated July 7, 2013 · completed · 178 pages · 9,292 readers · 134,543 reads
Chapter One
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Chapter One

(Awesome drawing by:Demon Angel )

I yawn sitting up from my bed, the sun shined in the curtains where my bed was, I pushed the black covers off of me and got up and stretched. I lived in a small apartment, really small, so small that it's only 2,000 jewels a month for it, it was pretty run down. The land lord, or should I say lady, is really mean. I guess that's what I get for being behind on jewels, You see I don't like going on quest often, well I stopped ever since the day with me and Laxus on the cliff. We barely talked now, it would be a miracle if we ever did. I put on my usual outfit and walked out the door locking it behind me. And walked over to the guild, Fairy Tail.  I walked and looked up at the sky, seeing a small bird fly in the air, I smiled putting  two fingers in my mouth and whistled. The little bird flew down and landed on the shoulder, "Hi there!" I smiled glancing at the bird, the bird putted its head against my cheek and rubbed softly, I laughed, "Aww thanks!" I grinned patting the birds head. I stopped in front of the guild and nodded to the bird watching it fly away, I opened the doors and walked in.
"Hi Izumi!" Mirajane gave me a hug, "Good morning!"
"Good morning Mi-chan!"  I smiles returning the hug, "Anything new?"
She shook her head and walked off.
We had new members in the guild, a girl name Lucy, Lucy Heartfilia. We fought saving her and the guild, which brings our other new member Gajeel Redfox from the Dark Guild, Phantom Lord.  He's also a Dragon Slayer, I believe he's the Metallic Dragon Slayer. Which reminds me, we have another member before Gajeel who is Juvia Lockser, she's really nice and sweet. Plus she has a thing for Gray.
I sat down in the booth and sighed, I loved the guild very much but it's not the same  without Laxus around. He's been acting different, more aggressive and rude, like when the incident with Phantom Lord, he didn't bother to help, just laughed. I remember the look on his face when Mira tried begging him to help, even I tried but he didn't budge. I guess he never felt the same as I did, I shook my head pushing away the thoughts.  Also Natsu, Erza, Lucy and Gray just got back from the Tower of Paradise, it seemed everything was fine but Erza seemed distant that day.
"Izumi!" Natsu came running into the guild and jumped over the seat, sitting across from me,
"Yes? little brother?" I always called Natsu my little brother, after all he was like a brother to me. Always talking to me and helping me whenever I needed it.
Before he can say anything, Gajeel shoved next to him, "Ay, Aren't you a Dragon Slayer too?" He asked,
I nodded, "Yup, I'm the Spring Dragon"
"Oh, So you're the weakest one?" He question, I shamefully looked down, I guess the Spring Dragon was the weakest one, all it does is make Nature blossom, helping it.  It gives life.
"Hey, watch your mouth!" Natsu growled, his fist started to turn into fire, "Izumi is the nicest person alive!"
"It's ok Natsu!" I smiled, "Don't worry about it"
"I can do what I want!" Gajeel snarled, "I ain't gonna listen to a punk like you!"
"You wanna go!?" Natsu asked, "I'll kick your ass!" He yelled throwing a punch at him, Gajeel returned it, and within seconds they brawled together yelling taunts. I sighed shaking my head, it never ends.
I laughed, "You guys are a handful"
"Does he always fight?" Lucy asked taking a seat next to me,
I nodded, "That's Natsu for you" I gave her a smile, the doors to the guild flung open and Laxus walked in. Shamefully I looked down not wanting to meet his gaze, In the corner of my eye I could see Lucy staring at me with confusion.
"Laxus!" Natsu growled ignoring Gajeel, and charged at him, Laxus within a flash struck him with his lightning, Natsu cried out in pain hitting the ground hard.
"Natsu!" I cried running over to him and kneeling down, "Are you ok?"
Natsu glared at Laxus. "I'm fine"
"Let me heal you" I smiled, and turned to Laxus," That wasn't necessary!"
"Tch, give me a break" He frowned, "He's the one that charged at me"
"So? It's Natsu! he does that" I met eye contact with him then, I felt my heart flutter, "You didn't need  to do that" I said more softly.
"It's weaklings like you that makes this guild look bad" He walked away onto the second floor, those words hurt more than a punch to the face.
I sighed placing a hand on Natsu's head and focused my healing magic on him, thank goodness it wasn't severe. I got up once I was done,
"Thanks" He looked down, "Sorry..."
"Don't worry about it" I forced out a smile, "It's Laxus, that's how he is" I lied and walked out the guild.

I sat on the edge of the cliff, Laxus never comes here anymore, ever since that day he stopped. I let my feet dangle, and sighed softly. I didn't know why Laxus was acting this way it wasn't like him..
It's weaklings like you that makes this guild look bad
I shook my head, I may be weak but I certainly do not make the guild look bad, before I knew it tears rushed down onto my cheeks. I hated being alone, the feeling of the hollowness. It scared me to be alone, the thought of it, just makes everything worse. More tears for and within seconds I started crying, I hated all of this, If I could I would take all that hate away from him. My eyes widen, and I looked behind me,
"No!" I whispered seeing all the grass become a rough yellow and the trees slowly decaying, I closed my eyes keeping my emotions under control, I couldn't let my emotions get to me, it's dangerous. I opened to see the grass and trees go back to normal.

I slammed my body onto my bed and let out a big sigh, I slipped into my pajamas quickly and put the covers over me and rested my head on my pillow. I couldn't sleep though, my body was tired but not my mind, My mind had to many thoughts in them. I have to stop Laxus no matter what happens. Even if it means my death or even if it means telling him how I feel. But today.. those words hurt more than ever. Me and Laxus had been childhood friends. He's the reason why I spoke that day, We had each others backs, we always went on quest together he was the fighter while I defended him and healed him. I smiled into my pillow, I remember that one day we had to go on a quest to capture a bandit that had recently killed over ten men, Laxus fought that man over and over, and he was so badly injured that in the end it took a lot to heal him, but I did anyway. And after that he carried me on his back, I never felt so happy and safe before. The only person who knew about how I felt about Laxus is Natsu, like I said he was like my little brother, even if he really didn't talk about it, it wasn't his topic about feelings after all he's completely clueless. Tomorrow was the Magnolia Harvest Festival, me and Laxus were suppose to go together, so much for that.


"As we go along in life, we blossom with all sorts of things, things you can never imagine" I whispered looking at her, into her eyes, "But eventually, after a long while, we just...we die." My voice cracked finally realizing the truth.