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Kuroko no Basket; One~shots.
Story published March 18, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 50 pages · 24,148 readers · 212,407 reads
Shuzo Nijimura
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Shuzo Nijimura

            Shuzo was lying out in the grass under the shade of a tree when you first spotted him, staring up the sky with an emotionless trance. You didn’t want to disturb the guy just in case he’s one of those who hated being talked to and he yells at you. Bringing up what courage you could, you walked up to and leaned over letting your arms fold on your back. “Afternoon,” you smile at him. Shuzo was talked about by just about everyone in your school but you’ve never actually talked to him before. He only glanced at you for a brief moment then went back to staring up at the sky. “Hey, that’s rude. You should reply when someone’s talking to you,” you sit next to him.
        It was silent for a few minutes before he spoke up, “What do you want?”
        Grinning as widely as possible, “I just want to talk to you. Is that bad?”
        “I guess not,” he sighed looking at you. “I’m Shuzo Nijimura, you?”
        “(last name) (first name), Pleased to meet you Shuzo-san,” you look up at the sky with him. “What are you looking for up there?”
        “There’s nothing up there to look for, I’m just thinking,” he was still watching you.
        “Mm, but look at the clouds, there’s a dog one, see!” You pointed at a cloud that looked like a dog. He gaze turns over to the sky again.
        “I don’t see it.”
        “There’s a boat, it has a sail and everything,” you chuckle lightly.
        “I kind of see that one,” he studies the sky with a serious face before pointing up at one of the clouds himself. “There’s a house.” It took you a bit to see what he was pointing at but you caught it.
        “Ahah, it really is a house, good one!” You two sat there side by side for a while pointing at clouds and telling what they looked like, you smiling happily and him with that serious face.

Hey ya'll if there's a certain character you'd like me to do, just ask! I don't bite.