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Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup (Malay Story)
Story published March 19, 2013 · completed · 3 pages · 7,679 readers · 25,287 reads
Batu Belah Batu Be
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Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup (English)

Once upon a time, there is a family with a mother, a 11-year old sister and a three year old brother. They were a very poor family in Malaysia.
One day, the children's mother caught a fish in a river and she was lucky because in the fish, there were fish eggs inside. During those old times, the fish eggs aren't very easy to find like we found in a supermarket. Anywho, when the mother came back, she told her 11-year old daughter, "Daughter, please eat the fish with rice with your younger brother. I'm going to find some fire wood to cook. Please save the fish egg for me to eat when I get back from work." The daughter accepted her mother's request, "Okay, Mum.". After the girl and her little brother had their lunch, her brother asked, "Sister, I'm hungry." The sister replied, "Have some of my fish." After the boy ate his sister's leftover fish, he complained again, "Sister, can I have a half of the fish egg?". The daughter rejected his brother's question, "I'm sorry, but this is for Mum. She will be very angry when you ate it".
The brother started tears and decided to dragged his sister's leg, begging her to let him eat half of the egg. The sister cannot do anything but to say yes. "Alright then, you can have the half of the fish egg." The little brother was happily to eat half of the fish egg. After few minutes, the sister reminded the brother that she went to the river to wash the family's clothing and decided to place the fish egg in a basket on top of the kitchen so the brother won't gobble it up. When the sister went to the river, the boy was hungry. No one was at home, so he decided to grab a stool and grab the mini basket and gobble up the last half of the fish egg. When the sister got back from washing the family clothing, she doesn't suspect a thing.
A few hours later, the two siblings' mother came back from grabbing fire wood. The mother's face was happy to eat the fish egg, "I want to eat my fish egg." The sister went to grab it from the kitchen, "Okay..". When the sister grabbed the basket, she saw that the last fish egg was gone.
"Mum, the fish egg is gone!", the girl said in shock. "Did I tell you to not eat the fish egg except for the fish?", the mother said. "I gave brother half of it.", the sister said honestly. The sister asked the brother," Did you eat the last fish egg?". The brother admitted it, "Yes." The mother is not angry at the brother, but she is upset on the inside. The sister tried to make it up to her mother, "Maybe, I can cook something else for you?"
The mother denied the sister's question, "No, It's alright".
It was the middle of the night, and the mother decided to wake up. She went into the jungle, there is a huge stone, calling her name. The sister woke up, and noticed that her mother was missing. The three-year old brother woke up because he needs breast-feeding from his mother.
The sister approached to her brother, "Mum is missing!".
The brother is crying to his red bright cheeks. The two siblings decided to run into the jungle, shouting their mother's name, "MUM! MUM! MUM". They saw their mother, the mother was close to the eating stone. The mother's mind was blank and cannot hear anything except the calling voice of the stone. The two siblings even decided to pull the mother's hair. But, it was too late. Their mother was gone..forever. They only got a lock of their mother's black-brownish hair. The sister was upset with the brother, "This is all your fault, if you did not eaten the egg, this would not be happening..". The sister cannot blamed the brother.. "It's alright, we have no family, no mother or father." The brother was sad to hear, "When you go anywhere, I will follow you everywhere." 
The next day, the two siblings was begging for food, when suddenly, they saw an old grandmother, who sells traditional malay medication.
The old grandmother questioned the children, "Grandchildren, where are you going, what are you doing here?". The sister replied the grandmother's question,"We do not have a mother or father anymore, and we don't have a place to stay." The grandmother was shocked and offered them to stay with her, "Oh, since I don't have anyone too, can you be my grandkids? When I go to work, you must follow me to sell medicine to the village." The two siblings accepted the grandmother's offer. One day, the grandmother and the two children went to the Gunung Sari Palace because the king there was ill. The King's son saw the beauty of the sister's face. "Father, that girl is so beautiful! I want to marry her."
the son demanded. The father accepted the marriage, also because the king noticed that the girl's grandmother is the medicine seller.
So, the sister gets married and live happily ever after. :)
                                                                       -THE END -
Moral of the story : Don't be super selfish, don't always think about yourself, think about others also.