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Crazy mixed up family (teen wolf)
Story published March 19, 2013 · updated July 2, 2013 · 3 pages · 240 readers · 656 reads
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hey,im alek summers and im 16 .im basicly the oldest in the group of alphas .even though im the oldest im not the strongest .that would be hailey . im single and cant wait to get to becon hills .im betta

drake deaton and cameryn deaton

im drake and im 14 years old . the picture above is me and my twin siter camryn. i was not born a were wolf but bitten about two years ago along with my sister. i may or may not have a HUGE crush on excited to go back to becon hills because ill get to see my 'father' again .my mother died when i was six and mr deaton adopted us.

sup crazy people im camryn and i cant wait to get to becon hills ! i get to see my step dad! im the better twin and pretty much have the same bio as drake . exept i dont have a crush on hailey. any way thats all marshmellows so see ya.

sabrina allen
hey hey hey, im sabrina and im 15 . most of my friends say im the "child" of the group.whitch i probly am .my best friend is camryn and ive never been to beacoon hills in my life. im a little shy but when you get to know me im VERY loud .well thats all i gotta  say see ya. im also third in a mii though. (if you dont know what a mii is its like a cat person from the nine lifes of cloe king)

emiley stilinski

hey im emiley stillinski and im the brains or dramatic of the group. ive known hailey all my life and im her best not actually a were wolf .im a  Earth priestess. a Earth priestess is like a caster or witch. but im all mom was one and the gene got past down to me well got to go we are arriving and i have to hide our sent.

hey guys im hailey. my mom gave me away when i was 1 and a halve dont ask me how i know. i lost my memory of her till i was ten .i didnt even know she existed. i was born a were wolf .i dont know if my fathers alive all i remeber is my mom burning down his house and then dropping me off at the hospital. my familey never told me i was adopted and i havent seen them since i got a scolarship to gallager acadamy when i was ten . my father dosnt know that he has a child my mom never told him. im special along with my pack and we arnt really all alphas thats just what some people call us since were so strong and they dont know we arnt all were wolfs .well emiley said its time to mask our sent bye.
some of us are biolagicaly related.some of us are adopted.some of us are a pack and someof us are just so close were like siblings.were just on crazy mixed up familey