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The Last Great Faerie Princess
Story published March 19, 2013 · updated October 23, 2013 · 46 pages · 2,879 readers · 20,020 reads
Troll Cave
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Troll Cave

"Before, when the troll had you." Fili began cautiously. "I swear I saw... something. On your back, when he held you upside down." He looked at me, probably expecting me to elaborate or come clean. 

"I'm sorry, I really don't know what you're talking about Fili." I said evasively, reaching forward once more in an attempt to retrieve my bow. But Fili wasn't planning on giving up so easily and thus continued to keep the bow out of my reach. 

"I know I saw something." He said with more conviction. "And I have quite an idea as to what it might be. But if you were to just explain what it was I actually saw, I'm sure I will realize if I have been mistaken. Or not."

"I'm sorry Fili, but you must be mistaken." I tried again, knowing it sounded lame even to my own ears. As Fili fixed me with a probing stare I began to feel panic rise in my chest. If he found out, who would he tell? Would father send me back to the elves? Would I be in danger? Would I be bring more danger to the company? 

"No. Korah, tell me truthfully. Did I see something? Or more importantly, what was it that i saw? Because I'm pretty sure I know." 

I looked to the ground, defeat inevitable, Fili surely wasn't going to drop the matter. But perhaps I could salvage the situation, get him to keep the truth to himself. But first things first, he deserved to know the truth in the first place. 

"Fili. I-" but I was cut off by father's loud voice echoing across the clearing. 

"Everyone!" He called, instantly getting the groups attention "There is sure to be a cave for the monstrous creatures nearby. Spread out and look for it." He paused, quickly scanning the crowd before locating me. "Korah. With me." He called out toward me. 

Never in my life had I been more glad to leave a conversation; and that was including all the long lectures and scoldings I had received from lord Elrond during my youth. Quickly grabbing my bow from an unsuspecting Fili, I turned on my heel and strode over to father. 

I briefly filled Thorin in on the Fili situation, but was unable to receive any helpful words from him as the call came out that the cave had been found. I approached it with father, who assured me we would discuss the matter later, but was taken aback by the stench of the thing. It was ten times worse than the trolls themselves, a feat I had thought impossible. 

A few dwarfs decided to venture into the cave, but seeing Fili was among them I decided I would just wait outside. Finding a relatively  comfortable log i sat down and stretched my arms up above my head. I then sighed, leaning forward and resting my head in my hands.

"You right there lassie?" came the unmistakable voice of Balin.

I looked up at him, offering a weak smile.

He chuckled slightly and took a seat next to me. "Why don't you tell me about it?" He offered "It'll be just like back when you were little, aye?"

I gave him a more genuine smile this time, grateful to have someone to talk to. "Honestly, this trip is just a little more complicated than what i thought it would be." I replied.

"What do you mean? You weren't keen on the trolls?" He asked

"Well, no I suppose I wasn't 'keen' on the trolls. But that's not really it. I knew this journey was likely to be dangerous, and I can deal with that much. I can take care of myself. It's just all this secrecy, I don't like having to lie to everyone! It's just all quite....tiring really. And now, Fili knows." I confided 

"Fili knows?" Balin asked, a little surprised. 

"Well, he suspects. I haven't told him or anything but, I don't think it will be long." I clarified, distractedly noticing the dwarfs slowly emerging from the cave. 

"Looks like you should tell him then." Balin concluded. 

"Pardon?" I asked, tearing my gaze from the cave. 

"Well, if he's going to find out, it'd best be from you. That way you won't lose his trust, and also, you could probably convince him to keep it all to himself."  Balin reasoned wisely. 

"I suppose so..." I pondered, my gaze moving back to the cave, where Kili and Fili were now talking animatedly. I unintentionally sighed. 

"Seems like that's not the only thing on your mind. Or rather not the only dwarf." Balin joked

I blushed and turned my gaze to my shoes instead before looking up again, intending to deny anything Balin was suggesting, when something burst into the clearing at a rather remarkable speed. My conversation with Balin almost completely forgotten i jumped to my feet and drew out one of my knifes as a precaution. It turned out that something was rather a someone. 

A/N SOOORRRYYYYY. Also i know this is short, trying to get back into the swing of it. For those who were wondering HSC :(