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Mocking Bird
Story published March 20, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · 18 pages · 754 readers · 3,065 reads
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              It was a dark day, with storms raging just outside the walls of West Academy. Perhaps it was a warning of impending doom that would soon befall the poor boy, or maybe it was a blessing for love to bloom and cause a moment that would change two people's lives forever.
               "Damn, I've gone and lost my bloody umbrella..." Arthur Kirkland, a sophomore at the boarding school was currently standing at the front door to exit the high school division's main building. He was looking around the area in search of his mint green umbrella until he stopped suddenly and turned to find his umbrella out in the cold, harsh rain, beneath a tree, "Bloody hell! What bastard put it there!?" he yelled at no one in particular as he ran to grab it, only to find it covered in mud and full of holes. He felt tears sting at the corner of his eyes as he stepped into the rain and began the long walk home, watching the lightning strike the clouds with thunder to follow suit as he was immediately soaked by the harsh rain.
               As his eyes drifted to the ground and he slowly began walking, dragging his feet sadly, the rain, without warning, seemed to stop though he could still hear it beating against the ground, "Want me to walk you home?" Arthur looked up to see a boy with an American accent with the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen and a cute, cheeky grin. Arthur blushed, his large eyebrows knitting together in irritation, "I don't need your sympathy Asshole.." He wondered how the man could possibly be in his right mind, surely he knew what people would do to him if they were caught together, especially the football team, Arthur shuddered at the thought. But even so, the man remained with that broad, overbearing grin of his, "Aww, come on! The hero would never leave someone out in the cold rain no matter what!"
               Arthur stared incredulously at the man in front of him, was he really so daft as to view himself a hero? Arthur huffed and crossed his arms, "If you insist," he began, a light blush on his cheeks, "Just don't let anyone see you if you want to live another day." "No problem." he responded all to happily, They continued to make conversation until the smaller boy came to a halt, "You can leave, this is my house." he stated, gesturing to the apartment complex before them, he looked up at the blue eyed male who had stated his name to be Alfred F. Jones, the hero. So with that the taller boy smiled and ruffled the Brit's sandy blond hair, "Well it was nice talkin' to ya' Artie, see you around." Arthur blushed deeply as he watched the boy run off and he mumbled something inaudible under his breath.
               The hours passed quickly and before he knew it, he was lying in his bed. Arthur stared up at his ceiling for longer than he thought the night even was, he was simply in a daze. He had only met Alfred that day and they'd spent not but 20 minutes together, maybe even less but for some reason he just couldn't get that damned American out of his head. He didn't... like him, did he? No, of course not, it was nothing more than gratefulness since he saved him from the rain. Arthur was never very keen on how to act and perform in front of others so for all he knew this was a completely normal thing and he was getting much to worked up over it. Though when he arrived at school the next day he learned that Alfred was from the middle school division and an 8th grader, as the day passed he also learned that he was the quarterback of the middle school division's football team, so why had he even bothered to associate with Arthur at all? It was a complete mystery to the boy.