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Story published March 21, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · 20 pages · 27,922 readers · 98,956 reads
Toolbars [On Quote
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Toolbars [On Quotev]

It seems lately that a lot of people are wondering what happened to the tool bars on Quotev, and well, nothing's happened to them, they're still in the same place where they've always been. But they just miminzed it. So, instead of the toolbar always popping up on Journal Entries, Quizzes, Stories, or Group Replies, its just a little arrow that you click.

So, don't be shamed if you didn't know that, especially if you're new on here, or haven't been on here for awhile. Its perfectly okay. Really.

So, the fonts, font sizes, bold, italic, underline, strike through, remove fonting, text colors, aligns, bold lines, dots, smiley faces, links, youtube, spellcheck, maximize, and how to add pictures to the side of your story are all still there, just a bit hidden.

So, if you're new, my best advice is just to goof off a bit on here, well--- in a different way then what you're probably thinking. Just monkey around with stuff until you're comfortable with it. Or well, until you know where everything is. Its much easier to try and figure stuff out right away, then be half way down the road and you're just realizing stuff.

So yep, and also, don't be afraid to ask for help from a close buddy on here, because its likely that they will help, or be free to answer questions that you may have, myself included. So yeah, if you don't have a buddy, and are extremely new, don't be afraid to ask for help from me! (: This also counts if you're not so new too.


I should be updating this frequently, along with my other stories. And I hope it helps! (:
[[If some of the stuff is wrong, or if you already know it/it doesn't help, I'm sorry! You can comment or leave me a comment and I can also help you with it more! (: ]]