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Story published March 21, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 20 pages · 29,576 readers · 105,121 reads
Adding GIF's,
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Adding GIF's, pictures, or changing link names.

Adding gifs and pictures is pretty simple, and probably a lot of people on this website know how to do it. But in case you don't then here's how. 

First, find the picture or gif that you want to add to your about me, journal entry, or story. Drag it, and drop it in the journal entry, story, or about me. And taddah! It is done. 


Changing link names is a bit tricky, and doesn't come to everyone right away. It didn't come to me until a few days ago, after my friend on here told me how to do it.

Anyways, all you need to do is look up on the tool bar of the editor on the story, about me, journal entry, or group reply button (Yes, you can do it from there now too if you're on your computer.) There should be a little button with a world, and what looks to be a infinty sign, if you hover your mouse over it, it'll say link. Click on it, and another box should pop up, add the picture or gif that you want to change the name of, and add whatever text, in whatever color or font you want to, then click add and it should be there. 

To delete changed link names either hit the backspace button, or hit the unlink button, and it should be deleted/stopped. 

To make pictures pop up, right click the picture and a box should pop up, hit open image in new tab and then copy and paste that link, otherwise it'll send you right to the website that you copied the picture/gif from.

Note: When changing link names for pictures or GIFS make sure to open the picture or GIF in a new tab, otherwise it will send you to the page you found it on, and will not pop up if you hover over the link-- links also will not pop up if you add them to stories, and keep editing, or adding more chapters to it, etc. But the picture will still show. 

I should be updating this frequently, along with my other stories. And I hope it helps! (:
[[If some of the stuff is wrong, or if you already know it/it doesn't help, I'm sorry! You can comment or leave me a comment and I can also help you with it more! (: ]]