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Say You'll Stay -Ross Lynch and Laura Marano fanfic-
Story published March 23, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · 20 pages · 11,588 readers · 49,265 reads
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

Ross P.O.V
Calum rang me that night. I walked into the main room where Rocky was. 'Sup bro?' I said. He nodded and I pressed answer on skype. 'BIG NEWS! Yeah Laura is having second thoughts on the kiss.' He said. 'What?! No! She doesn't like me. I knew it. Calum you couldnt've waited till I was in Miami to tell me?!' I groaned. 'Hm, you know I didn't think of that.' He said. I hit myself in the face with a pillow. 'But I like her! I have for ages! She can't back out- Dude, is that a poster of me in the background?' I laughed. He turned around. 'Why the hell is that there?' He ripped it down and there was a note placed on the back. Im guessing you found this on skype to Ross. Bet you look like a right fool! - Amy. 'That little rat.' He said. I was to busy laughing. 'Hey enough!' He laughed too. I stopped laughing. 'The concert in Miami is in 3 days. Tell Laura and Raini to be there. Ill show her that I like her.'

Laura P.O.V
'I don't know Raini. I'm scared incase im a horrble kisser.' I told her. 'We're going to the concert to Miami in 3 days. Tell him then! Tell him you love him And if he doesn't feel the same way, he can go on an American tour, forget about it and BAM! Forgotten.' She said. I shook my head laughing. 'I really don't know. That might be a good optio-' I was cut off by my laptop making wierd noises. I looked and saw 'MrSexyLynch1995' ringing. I laughed because I made Ross a skype account without him knowing, and made up the username. He didn't mind, but I tease him. I clicked answer with Raini in the room. 'Hey Mr Sexy Lynch.' I laughed. I swear I saw him blush but he pounced on me, over skype. 'Look, if you don't want to do the kiss, its okay. I totally understand as we're friends and that-' 'Ill do it.' I repelied. 'I know its alot of pressure but I want to- Wait what? Repeat.' He demanded. I giggled and he grinned. 'Ill do it.' He smiled and nodded. 'Laura, are you su-' I didn't want to pass up an opotunity. I like him. 'Yeah, totally. ' I smiled. He turned to his band mates and told them, and they all jumped on him. Apart from Rydel. I started talking to her. 'So, we got a new song coming up, I think we'll be able to show it by the time it gets to your concert.' She said. I smiled. 'Really? Ill be coming VIP too,  so I can't wait to see you again.' I replied. She smiled. I logged off of pe, but one thing lingered in my head. What made Ross blush so much? And why was he so eager to know if I was doing the kiss?