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Teen Wolf Preferences
Story published March 26, 2013 · updated July 11, 2013 · 39 pages · 7,852 readers · 81,883 reads
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Screams come from the charred house, another one of you and your boyfriend, Derek’s, flimsy fight that would end with you leaving adn Derek bothering you until you came back. Insults are tennised across from each other as you scream back adn forth until you slid down the wall holding your head in you hands while small tears trace down you skin. Derek is still there to comfort you as he silently curses himself for making you cry.


Screams come from you as you bury your face into Scott’s chest. He chuckles, holding you tightly as you hid from the killer’s knife. He pulls your face away when the scene ends, holding the sides of your face lightly, as if you were as breakable as he made you out to be. “I’ll never let anything happen to you, ever.” You wer touched by these words, but they didn’t make you stop screaming when the killer would show up.


Screams come from you when Stiles breathe races in a well known panic attack. You grab his shoulders and kiss him softly until his breathing turns normal and he grab you, thanking you for bringing him down. All you don’t know is that you’re the reason of this panic attack, you’re so much like his mother, that sometimes he’ll see her face instead of yours, it scares him. He feels like he’ll lose you too.


Screams come from you as you spring up in bed next to him. The thoughts that just showed in your dream come racing back adn you notice it was just a dream. “What happened babe?” Jackson says still half asleep. He wakes up instantly as he sees your tear stained face.

“It was j-just a d-dream.” You stutter out. He holds you tightly as he whispers sweet nothings in you ear as you slip into a more peacful sleep.


Screams come from him as he sees your battered form. Blood is smeared on some of your clothes as you struggle to drag yourself up so you can go the hospital. His mind kicks into action and he picks you up and races you to the hospital where you’re kept the rest of the night, them treating your injuries as he thinks of ways to murder the one who did this to you.

Just want to tell you, you and him fight part 2 will be up tonight. I love all the comments and I WILL do request. I don't do imagines, sorry. Keep hearting!! ♥


Teen Wolf Season 3-June 3rd