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Fate: Meet the Characters!
Story published March 26, 2013 · updated August 14, 2013 · 5 pages · 169 readers · 1,687 reads
8th Question
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8th Question

RyuuPanda54: N, Why do you care so much about Riku? Was she like, a childhood crush?
N: Riku....
P: It's okay, N. Spill out your guts.
N: Panda, 
When P and I were little....
we didn't have any friends.
We didn't even go outside.
The two of us were miserable
Because of our mother....
But Riku showed us the light.
She gave us reason to live...
And she left me so suddenly.
After all these years of missing her.
I would give anything...
Just to hold her hand again.