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When I ment you. *Carl Grimes love story*
Story published March 27, 2013 · updated May 26, 2013 · completed · 9 pages · 1,010 readers · 7,232 reads
Chapter 7 Rick dos
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Chapter 7 Rick dosn't aprove *Based on Season 3/13* Part 1/2

I woke up with my hands in cuffs.
Rick was by me.
"I thought I we were good." I asked him.
"Not anymore." he said.
"Oh what did I do!"
"You know what you did."
"You kiss my son."
"OK, yes. What's so bad about that?"
"He'll look out for you, when he need to look out for himslef."
I tried moving. I was chaned to the damm wall.
Rick put tape on my mouth and locked the door.
Why is he so mad about this.
I can't live like this.

Carl's POV
I walked in Maia's room to see nothing.
I looked all over. She left or she was gone.
"Dad you seen Maia?" I asked him.
"No I haven't."
"Carl!" I herd Maggie yelled.
"Maggie!" I yelled back.
She ran over. "I can't find her."
"She might have gone out for a walk without her gun." Rick said.
I ran a tear. I ran to my room and cried.
First Sophia, then Dale, then mom, and now Maia.
I had no one left. No one but my dad.
Then I herd knocking on the wall.
The only room by me was a gun room.
Witch I'm not allowed to be in.
I pack my things because we were leaving.
I looked at my photo of me, my mom and dad.
I walked pass my dad when he tried to speek to me.
I walked pass and gave my bag to Beth.
We were leaving. And Maia was gone.
Everyone was getting there things.
Michonne was talking with my dad.
I didn't borther to liston.
They were planning for battle and we were leaving.
I wanted to fight.  Now I can't Rick made it clear.
I didn't want to leave this place.
But I'm to young to do anything here.
Shane said that.
Rick said that.
Everyone said that to my face.
I don't belive it. I never will.
Hour later
We scared them with a bomb.
I was hiding with Beth and Hershel.
I was ready for anything to happen.
Everyone was shooting.
I pointed my gun at a random guy who walked by.
He tried giving me his gun. But I shot him.
I shot him to prove a point.
That I was strong.
I lost everything.