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Zalfie Love Story -On Hold-
Story published March 28, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · 28 pages · 4,257 readers · 18,838 reads
I'd rather go
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I'd rather go up the stairs.

I woke up about a half hour later by the sound of Alfie ruffling the blankets.
"I knew you'd come in eventually." Alfie rolled over smirking.
"Huh? Oh! Alfie, I'm sorry I was just really scared and I didn't want to be left alone." I jumped, pulling myself out of the warm blankets.
"No, don't leave, I'll cuddle you until it's over and you can go back if you want. I mean.. you don't have to cuddle if you don't want to it's ju-"
"I need to be cuddled right now." I laughed and hopped back into bed, now feeling his warm, masculine arms grasp me.
I sighed in relief knowing I would be safe. I felt my eyes grow heavy when a pair of soft, warm lips lightly kissed my temple.
"Goodnight Zoboe." He whispered into my ear and I felt myself slip away.

                                                                                        **Next Morning**
I opened my eyes to a surprisingly bright morning. I could hear the traffic go by the flat and birds on the window. I sat up going over the last days events when I noticed the bathroom next to me, occupied by most likely Alfie. I felt the red rising up my cheeks when I saw the door open with a dripping wet Alfie and only a small white towel covering his... package... I MEAN STUFF!
"Morning Zo!" He said cheerfully.
"Aha, morning." I croaked in my horrible morning voice.
I looked down and saw that I had forgotten my shirt, I don't sleep with a shirt on because I have so many layers of blankets.
"It's cute.'' He said smiling while I tried to cover myself up.
"Sooooooooo" I dragged my 'o's on trying to think of something to say.
"I was thinking we could go shopping today?" He said ruffling his now drying hair.
"Yeah, I was thinking of doing a haul video anyway and we need some stuff for Florida."
We are going to Playlist Live in a week and a half and I need some swimwear.
"Okay, well I have some of your clothes here and you can change into them." He said smiling.
"Wait, how do you have my clothes?"
"Caspar kind of kept some here"
"That's where they went! I wondered why after my last stay here I had almost no clothes left!" I said laughing.
Caspar is a strange one.

                                                                                    **At Shopping Center**
"Is the swimwear shop upstairs? Because I need some new bikini's." He said pouting and holding his hands over his chest.
"Definitely babe" I said laughing.
"Take the elevator or be healthy strong people and climb the stairs?" I questioned him and we both eyed our options.
"...Elevator." We both said and headed for it.
We pressed the 4nd floor and waited for the slight movement, when we heard a crash above us. We looked up when we felt ourselves falling. Alfie pushed me to the ground and covered me from being hurt. We smashed to the ground and I looked up to see if Alfie was okay. We looked around the elevator to make sure we weren't going to be plummeted any further. I looked up and Alfie and felt a sharp pain run through my forehead.
"Zo, your forehead" 

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