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Jeff The Killers Child (Part Three)
Story published March 28, 2013 · updated April 13, 2013 · completed · 22 pages · 2,440 readers · 18,779 reads
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        Jannet walked down the narrow road, buildings that she had never seen in the distance. She held her stomach as she did when knelt over the body of her father. The child was starving, thirsty and lost. Her black dress was torn, her bare feet walked across the road and her hair swiftly blew behind her. While walking she passed a little house on the side of the road, a mile or two away from the city. Two young children were playing outside with each other, one boy and one girl. A woman walked onto the porch from inside the house and sat down her drink. Jannet continued walking, but looked over at the woman. The woman had long blonde hair that was pushed back behind her ear on the right side. "Mommy, look! A little girl!" the boy called out to his mother. Jannet stopped and turned to the house, still holding her stomach. "Oh- Oh my goodness!" The mother gasped. She then rushed down the steps from the porch, passed the kids and scurried over to Jannet. Jannet began shaking, she was frightened. The woman bent down in front of her quickly and looked at the child. "Sweetie, why are you out here alone?" she asked. Jannet thought the voice from the woman was so sweet and so soothing, it calmed her. "I-...I-..." Jannet softly spoke.
"Where are your parents?" the lady asked.
Jannet seen images of her father in her head and she began to cry. "He's not alive any more..." Jannet put her head down, crying silently.
"What about your mother?"
"She's gone too..." Jannet whispered.
"So you don't have anyone? No grandpa or grandma? No sister or brother?" the woman asked. Jannet silently shook her head. Jannet looked back out in the distance. "I've gotta keep moving... I'm sorry for passing your house..." Jannet whispered. She then turned and began walking from the woman. "Wait little girl! Where are you going?" she called out.
Jannet stopped and turned to the woman. She silently shrugged, "I have no where to go..." The woman realized that the child looked like she had not eaten in weeks and she noticed that she was weak. The woman then stood up and let out her hand, "You do now." The woman gave a friendly smile. Jannet stood still for a period of time then took the woman's hand. "Come on sweetie... Just call me Michelle, or Micki." the lady said. "Or from now on, call me mom." Jannet looked up at the woman, who was smiling down at her. "Mom?..."
"Yes mom... You can live with us, you can't stay out alone."
Jannet nodded obediently, walking with the woman. "What's your name, sweetie?" Michelle asked. Jannet looked up, eyes blood shot from no sleep. "My name is Jannet."
"What a pretty name. My two kid's names are Lou and Clementine." Jannet noticed how the woman continued to look into her eyes. "Why I haven't seen those kind of eyes since my sister left. Her name was Jane." Jannet stopped breathing... "But she left after our parents died... Thankfully I was with our grandparents when that happened or I wouldn't be here." Jannet looked up at the woman, eyes frightened. "She was chasing the man who did it to us... Jeffery... The killer. I lost it when I heard he had a child named Rj... What monsters..." Jannet tightened her hand on the womans, stopping in her tracks. The woman stopped and turned to her, "Sweetie whats wrong?"
"You-..." Jannet started. "You just named off my grandpa and grandma... And my daddy."
"Sweetie, you are joking." the woman then realized the cuts on her cheeks. The woman gasped at her, letting go of her hand. "I...I'm a monster..." Jannet repeated. She began sobbing, covering her eyes with her hair. The woman stood in silence for what seemed to be forever. She then took Jannet's hand. "You are not like them... You're different. I can tell."
"But-...You said..." Jannet sniffed.
"Trust me I just know."
"But what if I turn out to be like them."
"You'll still be my daughter."
Jannet then smiled, feeling like she was at home since a few weeks ago. She then picked at the tip of the knife in her dress pocket.