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Jeff The Killers Child (Part Three)
Story published March 28, 2013 · updated April 13, 2013 · completed · 22 pages · 2,369 readers · 18,257 reads
Missing the Foreve
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Missing the Forever Smile

        The child stood, paralyzed in shock. "Gr-grandpa?..." The child stuttered through the hand of Rj. Rj removed his hand from Jannet's mouth, staring at Jeff, wishing he wouldn't say more. "Yes... Grandpa." Jeff slurred out. The child backed into her father again, not wanting to believe the man before her. She stared into the mans eyes, his unblinking, deadly eyes. "You're LYING!" She shouted out. Rj braced the child tighter, not letting the child get a step closer to Jeff. Jeff then put both hands in his hoody pockets. "Am I now?" Jeff tilted his head to the left, smirking at the child. "You think I would lie to you, my dear?" Jeff slowly bent down to the child's height, not unlocking their eyes. "How could I ever lie to-..."
Rj then blurted out, him pushing the young girl back behind him, "GO TO HELL!" Jannet gasped as she was pushed behind her father. "Daddy! Swears!" Jannet pointed out, not allowing her dad to swear. Rj let out a sigh, putting a hand on his forehead. He was used to her lecturing him about swears, but now was not the time. "Now now son." Jeff put up his index finger and shook it side to side. "No swearing."
"Don't call me your son." Rj growled. Jeff began laughing as he took a step closer to Rj. "I can call you what I want... Son."
"Don't call me son." Rj reached in his pocket and grabbed the handle of his knife that he always had with him. Rj knew there was gonna be blood spilled, one way or another, but he was sure his daughter wasn't going to see it. Not yet at least. "Daddy doesn't have a dad!" Jannet called from behind. Jeff's eyes unlocked from Rj's and gazed over at the child. "Oh... You never told her about me?" Jeff then took slow steps to Rj. Rj took slow steps towards Jeff. "What's there to tell?" Rj mumbled. "The only thing to tell is that you scarred me." Jeff's eyes traced along the lines of his son's carved in "forever smile".
"I should just slit it off, you don't deserve that trade-mark." Jeff sneered through his teeth, stopping in his tracks.
Rj stopped too, his anger welling up inside of his chest. Even if he hated his father, it still hurt to know he wasn't worthy of the scar.
"In fact..." Jeff continued. Jeff moved his eyes back over to the little girl, standing alone behind her father. She looked up at Jeff then took a step to her father. "Daddy?..." she whispered.
"I see she doesn't have it." Jeff then, slowly, pulled his hands from his pocket, his right hand holding his old kitchen knife. Jannet took in a gasp, more scared than five minutes ago when she was yelling at him. "Daddy?!" Jannet began crying, walking to her father.
"Stay back, Jannet!" Rj called behind him. Jannet stopped walking. Rj pulled out his knife from his pocket, glaring at Jeff. "I wouldn't do that to her, a permanent reminder she had the grandfather that was a monster."
"Then why don't I do it for you?" Jeff's eyes shot over at Rj, his smile stretching across his face.
Rj's body went cold, "Over my dead body."
Jeff then tilted his head once more to the left and scowled, "THAT can be arranged." With that, Jeff leaped with full force towards Rj. Rj grabbed Jeff's hoody and swung him onto the ground, to the right of him. Rj rushed over to Jeff and brought his foot back. With full force, he swung his foot to Jeff's rib-cage. Jeff grabbed Rj's foot and twisted it, catching Rj off guard and twisting him to the ground. Jeff stood, gripping Rj's foot. Rj  felt a crunching pain fill his shoe and sliver down his leg. Rj let out a scream off pain and closed his eyes tightly. Jeff had just broke Rj's ankle. Jeff threw Rj's foot to the ground and smiled, laughing demonically. "I expected more from you, Rj! I REALLY...REALLY did!" Jeff laughed out. Jannet was no longer crying, she was too scared to even think of crying at a time like this. Jeff brought his knee up to his chest and slammed his foot down on Rj's spinal cord. Rj let out a scream of pain then fell, not moving. Jeff repeated the violent act several times before realizing... he wasn't getting up. "Daddy! Get up!" Jannet cried out, frozen in her footsteps. The defenseless boy laid on the ground, still not moving. Jannet looked up at the man, standing before her father. Jeff moved his eyes slowly to the young child. The wind blew through the tree's and made the child's long hair blow. Her dark eyes were stuck on the mans light eyes, not blinking, and not moving. "I told him it could be arranged." Jeff smiled. He quickly bent down, grabbed a hand full of Rj's hair and yanked his head up. Jeff then began yelling in the boys face through his grit teeth, "Did you NOT believe me, boy?! DID YOU NOT BELIEVE ME?!" Rj's eyes did not open, he was hard to lift up from dead-weight. Jeff laughed at the boy, "Too bad you won't be able to watch." With a forceful shove, Jeff threw the boys head back onto the ground. Jeff put a foot on the boys skull and began to apply pressure. "St-Stop! You're gonna break him!" Jannet cried out. Assuming she was talking about his skull, Jeff began putting more weight on Rj's head. "STOP!" Jannet screamed out again. Jeff stopped and slowly looked at the girl, eyes set with urge to kill. Jeff put his foot off of Rj's skull and stepped in front of Rj's face. "Do you not realize that you're father has lied to you, over the years you have been alive?" Jeff began slowly walking to the girl. "You're a killer! Just like your father! Just like you're mother!"
"You never knew my mom!" Jannet yelled back, backing away from the man. He cocked his head to the left. "That's because she DIED because of you." Jeff sneered.
Jannet shook her head, not wanting to believe what she was hearing. "You-You're LYING!"
"AM I now?!" Jeff then took slightly quicker steps to the girl. "Have you EVER noticed that you never SEEN your mother?" Jannet, not being able to lie, nodded her head.
"And have you EVER noticed you have never HEARD from your mother?" Jeff asked the child. Jannet nodded again, her back hitting against a tree behind her. Jeff began closing in on her. "And have you EVER noticed," Jeff began laughing. "That you DON'T have the marks your father has? Or what I have?" Jeff held his knife securely in his hand, gazing into the gleaming blade. "M-marks?" Jannet mumbled.
"Look at his face, child! Look at mine!" Jeff then put his head out into her view, revealing his carved in smile. Jannet stared helplessly at the mans face. "That means nothi-..."
Jeff cut her off, "How have you never realized this, Jannet?"
Jannet stood, her back against the tree. How did he know her name? Jannet stared fearfully into his eyes. Jeff's left eye began twitching. "You're a killing machine, JUST like your father." Jeff growled lowly. Jannet dug her nails into the tree behind her, not wanting to believe him. Her face shown the fear she had for the man. "You know..." Jeff looked into his blade once more. "I think... You need a smile..." Jeff began laughing as he took quicker steps to the girl. Jannet pressed harder against the tree, tears streaming off her face. Jeff rushed at the girl, put one hand to her left, leaning himself against the tree. She was blocked off, she couldn't run. Jeff put the tip of the knife on the edge of her lip then growled out, "Why don't I help you with that?!"
A voice then rang from behind, "Over MY dead body." With a forceful throw, Jeff was onto the ground in seconds. A sharp kick hit him in the temple, knocking his vision completely out of focus. Things were blurry, he couldn't see straight.  A sharp pain in his side ripped throughout his stomach and sides, coldness filling his body. Jeff did not once cry out in pain, he just soaked it all in. Jeff felt a hand grip around his neck and yank him off the ground. In mid-air, clutching onto the hand that had him, he heard "Leave here... And never come back. Or you will NOT make it out next time." With that he was let down, falling to the ground. Jeff caught himself, gripped the seeping wound around his stomach and darted off into the woods. Jannet stared at the one who had just chased off the fearless man. She looked over at her father, still on the ground but breathing ever so slightly. The woman bent down next to him, calling his name. "Rj...Come on Rj, please wake up. We got to get you and Jannet out of here." Jannet felt no fear for the woman, only concern for her father. Without thinking, she darted to her father. She knelt before him and put her hands on her fathers chest. "Please daddy, you have to get up! You have to!" She began shaking her father. Rj winced slightly and looked up at his daughter. "Jannet..." Ignoring his pain, he sat up quickly and wrapped his arms around his daughter. "Thank god you're alright!" Jannet gripped onto her father, crying into his chest. "Daddy! I was so scared!" Jannet began shaking from her sobs.
"Shhh shh..." Rj had began crying himself, thankful she was alright. "It's okay... It's okay."
"B-but when you fell down, she came to help." Jannet pulled her head from her fathers chest and pointed at the woman still on her knees beside him. Rj looked over at the woman... his jaw dropped. Jannet slowly let go of her father. "Daddy?..." she sat back on her knees watching the two. Rj scanned the woman up and down, the woman doing the same. "Rj!" The girl smashed her lips against Rj's and wrapped her arms around him. Rj held the woman close and closed his eyes tightly. Jannet slightly in the back round said "Ew...". The woman put her head on Rj's shoulder and closed her eyes tightly. Rj gripped her tightly and whispered, "Jess... I thought I lost you."