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Story published April 1, 2013 · updated April 4, 2013 · 34 pages · 10,520 readers · 27,516 reads
You get hurt and h
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You get hurt and he helps you

Niall: Niall had taken you to play golf with him and some friends and so far you had barley moved the ball from the tee. One of the girls Niall had brought along, who was good at golf herself, had been all over Niall from the moment you both had got there. “Oh Niall will you please help?” She looked up at him. “Err, yea I guess.” He looked at you for permission and you just scoffed. You watched as he put his arms around her and helped her hit the ball. He helped you too and gave you a kiss when you hit it on the green. You watched Niall take his shot, he got it straight in the hole and the girl swung her hands up in the air “forgetting” she still had the club in her hand. The club hit you straight in the face and you fell to the ground. You felt blood coming from your nose and you started to cry. You heard the girls light chuckle and you got up to give her a right hook but you fell back down again with dizziness. Next moment you felt two strong arms pick you and place you on the bench. Niall lifted up your chin to inspect your nose and you looked at the anger in his eyes. He pulled off his shirt and held in to your nose. “YOU IDIOT! YOU HAVE REALLY HURT HER.” He screamed at the girl who looked stunned. He waved his hand at her to tell her to leave and turned back to you. “Let’s get you to hospital.” He helped you up and held his shirt to your nose and walked you back to the car and drove you to hospital.

Louis: Louis had taken you with him to play football with some of his friends. What he didn’t know was Eleanor was going to be there. She scoffed as you and Louis walked over hand in hand and then ran over to Louis. “LOOOOUUUIISSS!!” she squealed and flung her arms around his neck. You stood there awkwardly as the two talked when one of the boys got impatient and shouted over, “Come let’s get going!” You split into teams and started the game. Eleanor was constantly bumping into you and you could tell she was trying to knock you over. You guys took a break and you sat down and watched the boys doing keep ups. You noticed Eleanor talking to this massive guy, she kept nodding her head towards you and then she handed him some money. The game started again and you had the ball. You passed it to Louis and ran alongside it. Next moment you felt an extremely hard impact. You felt like you had just hit a brick wall. You landed on the ground with a thud and felt something hit your back really hard. You heard Eleanor laugh as she ran off towards the ball and everything went black for a second. You felt two arms wrap around you and pick you up. The rocking of Louis movements mad you feel sick and you started to cough up something. You looked down and saw red staining your shirt. Louis sighed and you felt yourself being put in the back of his car. “It’s alright babe we are going to the hospital just stay still.

Zayn: You and your boyfriend Zayn had gone out for a quiet lunch but ended up being swarmed by fans. Zayn held on to your hand tightly, because he knew you got nervous in large crowds, and guided you through the crowd. The fans got excited and started jumping up and down and moving along with Zayn pushing you out of the way. All of a sudden you felt your hand detach from Zayn and your feet coming off the ground. The fans had gotten so close they had actually lifted you off the ground and were now carrying you across. All of a sudden they all parted as you reached the car and you landed on the ground with a thud. “Ow.” You groaned in pain. The fans all swarmed around you on the ground asking if you were ok and then you saw Zayn push his way through. “(Y/N) are you ok love?” He bend down and scooped you up in his arms and carried you to the car. He found a tissue and wiped away the blood on your forehead. “Zayn, I’m fine.” You smiled at his concerned face. “Next time you’re going in front.” He kissed you on the nose laughed.

Liam: “97…98…99..100! Ready or not here I come!” Liam called out from downstairs. You and Liam had been playing hide and seek with the boys for the past 20 minutes and Liam was it. You and Louis were hiding in the upstairs closet and Louis was taking up all the space. “Louis move over!” you whisper shouted. “No” he protested and you scoffed and left the closet. You crept slowly down the stairs when you tripped on something and tumbled down the stairs. “(Y/N)?” Liam ran over to you and picked you up. He rushed into the kitchen and placed you on the counter. Now all of the boys had emerged from their hiding places to see what the commotion was about. “What happened?” Zayn asked while Liam looked for the first aid kit. “I tripped on something left on the stairs and fell.” I held my aching ankle as Liam looked at it. “I think you’ve sprained it.” Liam sighed. “I can drive you to hospital?” Harry offered and the rest of you spend the remaining evening in A & E.

Harry: You sat in the hospital watching Harry argue with the receptionist. Just an hour ago you had tripped and hit your head on the corner of the table and Harry had rushed you to hospital before you could speak. Your head hurt a lot and you knew you had a concussion building up. Harry sunk into the seat next to you and sighed. “You will be seen soon.” He grabbed your hand and rubbed circles on the back of your hand. You watched his face as he glared at the receptionist and you laughed. “What?” He looked at you annoyed. “Glaring at her is not going to make her see me faster.” He sighed again and stopped looking at her. Soon enough you were seen and the doctor bandaged up your head and gave you medication and told you to rest. You spend the next week not doing anything and Harry getting you everything you needed.