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Everlasting Love (Demetri Volturi/Twilight Saga)*ON HOLD*
Story published April 1, 2013 · updated June 11, 2013 · 26 pages · 5,148 readers · 43,414 reads
Chapter 9: Bella,
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Chapter 9: Bella, Edward, and the Volturi? Part 1

(So earlier I asked for help from my readers. And I chose Katt's idea.)

Its been about seven months since the Cullen's and I left Forks. Edward went his separate ways, he really can't stand being away from his mate. Niether can I. That is why I volunteered to come along with Alice to go and see if Bella was safe and alive. We both had the vision of her trying to commit suicide. "Bella!" I turn and see Bella engulfing Alice in a hug, when she spots me she runs over and squeezes me. "Alice, Alex I can't believe your here. Is Edward here? Did he come?" We shook our heads no as she looked back and forth between us.

"Are you okay? We thought you were dead? We saw you jump off a fucking cliff," I scream. "I was cliff diving. It was fun," She says hesitantly. suddenly wet dog fills my nostrils. "Jake. I thought you couldn't come in here."
"I had to make sure you were okay," he says.
"That's why we couldn't see you get pulled out of the water. YOU! YOU DOG! You block our visions!" Alice and I scream simultaneously. We were both up about to walk out of the house when Bella stopped us. "You're not leaving are you?"

"We'll be back," I start.
"As soon as you take the dog out," Alice finishes.

About twenty minutes later Alice and I get a vision of Edward going to the Volturi. He wants to die because he thinks Bella is dead. Rosalie told him why Alice and I came back. Why would she do that? Before I know it Bella and Alice are coming back outside with the mutt trailing behind begging Bella to stay. She of course declines, I smirk and open the passenger door for her. I hop in the seat behind her and we're off.

The plane ride was boring. So far the most exciting part was stealing a car. Bella wasn't to fond of the idea but she'll get over it eventually. "Alice hurry." We were just outside of Volterra, today is the St. Marcus day parade. It was almost noon and Bella was freaking that we wouldn't be there in time. The car comes to a stop, "Bella, you and Alex are the only ones who can go. Split up. You are the only ones he won't see coming. If I go, then he'll think I'm lying. He'll rush into it," she says. "Hurry." I pull my hood over my face and slip my gloves on. ( Jacket is unzipped in this chapter) I got out and start to jog, at a human pace, through the clouds.

I could feel several sets of eyes on me as I continued my way through crowds. Keeping my head down, I started to jog down an alley way when a hand the same temperature, wrapped itself around my mouth. I start to kick trying to free myself. He was stronger the me as he pulled my through crowds, only to be unseen as we entered the shadows. I see the clock tower come closer, and I panic. Has Bella stopped him yet? I hope so.

 I am pull into the all to familiar corridors. My hood falls allowing my hair to fall in my face. The huge set of double doors already open, are coming closer. I'm still kicking, trying to fight my way free. I hear Caius snicker as we come into view and Aro frowns. Marcus is sitting in his usual frowning position. I see Jane and Alec off to the side. And then I'm thrown to the floor. I get on my hands and knees only to feel the excruciating, burning sensation enter my body. I scream in pain as I am finally able to get my mental shield up. I collapse on the ground before quickly standing again. I stand in a fight stance ready for whatever Jane and Alec throw my way. 

"My dear, Alexandria. You have returned." Aro states matter-of-fact like. I could come up with a bunch of smart ass remarks but I decide against. Taking a deep breath, freezing when I smell the all to familiar, vanilla scent enter my nose. I slowly turn, and try not to break down as I see him. My love, my mate, my everything. I feel a hand on my shoulder and realize Aro is reading my thoughts. I quickly read his before he drops his hand. He gasps, at the gifts I have acquired over the many years. My eyes remain on Demetri as he speaks," My, it seems as if you leaving us was almost a blessing. You are of much more use to us now." 

I whip around and narrow my eyes. "And what makes you think that I have any reason to come back here other than Demetri? The only reason I'm back today is to stop my brother frm making the biggest mistake of his life." He frowns," Demetri, Felix. Go and fetch the Cullen." He says it with such disgust I want to throw my self at him and rip his head off personally. After what seems like an all to intense stare down he sends Jane to hurry along. Soon all six familiar scents enter the room. Wait six, BELLA!

'Edward, why is she here?'
'I tried but Felix wouldn't allow it.'

I let a growl escape my throat as I turn and position myself next to Edward. Only to have my eyes wander over to Demetri. And then to Felix. I snarl and bare my teeth and he just smirks. Demetri only looks confused. "He's alive and well after all. May I?" Aro extends his hand to Edward. I turn and watch. I frown as I see Aro only going deeper and deeper into how long Bella has known. He releases Edward's hand and reaches for Bella. She looks to Edward as if asking permission, figures. I scoff and attract Aro's attention. " It seems as if my former daughter is not to fond of this human."

"No I'm not really, but I tolerate her. For Edward," this time Demetri growls.

Aro attempts to read Bella's mind and comes up empty handed. He turns to Jane and Edward runs forward only to fall to the ground. Bella goes to move but is stopped by Alec. "Jane try Bella." She shifts focus," This will only hurt. Alot." Nothing. I let out a satisfied laugh, and she starts to focus on me. "NO!" Everyone one pauses, I turn to see Felix holding Demetri back. He looks as if he will snap any minute now.