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Moonlight Sonata: A Jack Frost Love Story
Story published April 2, 2013 · updated April 5, 2013 · 13 pages · 221 readers · 911 reads
Chapter Three: Old
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Chapter Three: Old Friend

"You want me to help you catch someone that doesn't exist? I don't think so, Snowflake. For all I know this could be some kind of trick." Bunnymund said, crossing his arms and rejecting Jack's offer. He Jack groaned in annoyance. He stopped Bunnymund from hopping on, flying in front of him.

"I can prove to you she's real. That I'm not tricking you...this time!" Jack argued. Bunnymund stopped to think. He picked up an egg from that trotted behind the rest of the group in the Warren and raised a brow at Jack. "I promise. I'm not gonna do anything to mess with you. This time, you can actually trust me." Jack pursuaded. His smooth talk and word, got to the bunny.

"Alright, frostbite, I'll go with you this time, but if you so happen to wave that magic wand of yours and something happens to me, you're gonna get a lot more than coal for Christmas this year, mate," he threatened. Jack chuckled and lifted himself from off the ground and smiled, his plan was falling into place.

"Alright, meet me in the forest of Burgess, by the lake, 7:00 tonight."

"Yeah, yeah. Now go nip at some kids' noses, I've got work to do," Bunnymund said. Jack took a few eggs and flew out of the Warren and back to his hometown.

Cruising around the little town, he spotted Jamie and his friends outside, violently pelting each other with snow balls. He smiled, knowing very well the kids loved the snow days he would give them. He parked himself on the fence of their yard and watched, bringing no attention to himself. Instead, Jamie and the gang spotted him on their own. They all rushed up to Jack, excited to see him again.

"Jack! It's been a while. Thanks for the snow day today."

"No problem. School seems pretty boring. I don't see why you guys do it."

"We have to, Jack. School isn't an option," Pippa implied.

"So," Jack switched the subject, "How've you been dreaming? You know, since Sandy hasn't been around."

"Pretty good. It's like he's still here," Jamie smiled happily.

"You haven't had any nightmares lately, have you?" Jack raised a brow at the kids. They looked around and gave each other reassuring looks, making sure it was safe to say no.

"No nightmares here. Ever since you defeated the Boogeyman." Jack's newly grown smile dripped with his ego.

"Well, you know me," he winked.

"Jamie! We have to leave and your friends' parents are here!" Jamie's mom yelled from inside.

"Okay, Mom! Gotta go, Jack. See ya 'round." The kids said their goodbyes to Jack and Jack returned them with a small gust of wind before flying off.

"I guess you're pretty good with kids, too." Jack almost gave himself whiplash when he heard that voice. His lips curled up into a joyous smile when he saw her again.

"Good to see you again."
Even though your body was cold when I embraced you I swear, I've never felt something so warm.