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Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles Preferences
Story published April 3, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 4 pages · 472 readers · 2,708 reads
April Fools
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April Fools

you & Justin decided to pull a prank for april fools day, so at 10:30PM,
you logged onto twitter & tweeted

@(y/t/n): me & @justinbieber found out that in 9 months there will be a little Justin around :)

within a few minutes, you got tweets from everyone!, these are the ones that caught yours & Justin's eyes

@pattiemallette: @(y/t/n) @justinbieber what? this isn't funny, you better call me.
@AlfredoFlores: @(y/t/n) @justinbieber seriously? congrats!
@scooterbraun: @y/t/n) @justinbieber you need to call me Justin.

you & Justin were laughing from what some people were saying. beliebers started to trend #BabyBieberIn9Months #Mommy(your name) & #DaddyJustin. after you & Justin were done laughing, you tweeted @(y/t/n): ok... HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!! theres not going to be #BabyBieberIn9Months
you got tweets saying "you actually fooled me" & stuff like that. you also got tweets from Alfredo & Christian!

@AlfredoFlores: @(y/t/n) nice prank, i thought you were serious!
@littlecbeadles: aww, i thought i was going to be uncle Christian!

Justin got a call from Pattie! lol.