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Saved By Demons *ON HOLD*
Story published April 3, 2013 · updated April 28, 2013 · 26 pages · 5,295 readers · 33,612 reads
Slender Man?
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Slender Man?

In all honesty, I didn’t know why Jeff wanted to spend time with me so much. He had obviously been out to get me, so why did he change his mind? From the looks of it, he wasn’t human. He had no eyelids! And human beings didn’t have sharp fingers, now did they?

“You’re lucky.” he said, interrupting my baffled thoughts.

“I-I’m sorry.. what?” I asked in a soft voice. Jeff chuckled.

“You’re lucky I didn’t kill you. A lot of the idiots who wander in my forest never come back.” I thought about telling Jeff about the creature; but stopped from doing so. I didn’t want to set him off and end up with my head cut off.

“O-Oh.” I replied. Jeff snickered at me.

“You stutter a lot, you know that darling?” I hated the fact that he had called me that; and he knew I hated it too. But he knew I couldn’t do anything about it; unless I wanted a blade at my throat.

“I-I only stutter when I nervous or scared...” I said in faint voice.

“Oh, and why would you be scared of me sweetheart?” he teased, his heartbreaking smile crawling on his face like a disgusting insect.

“B-Because you tried to kill me..” I reminded him with a nervous laugh.

“Oh, right.” he replied, laughing as well. “Yes, that might have a small effect on you.”

I glanced at Jeff, this time examining him closely. For some strange reason, his appearance, and personality traits as well, didn’t exactly frighten me anymore. I actually thought he was kinda... charming...

I shook my head, clearing my thoughts. What is wrong with you and supernatural beings who live in the forest?! Are you going to grow attached to every single one you find?!

“Did you hear that?” Jeff hissed. I noticed his face had grown rock hard again and he had his knife tight in his grip.

“I didn’t.” I confessed. I guess I had gotten so lost in thought, I wasn’t even paying attention to my surroundings. I couldn’t help but notice the trees again. I imagined them with eyes, looking straight down at me, their limbs as if they were arms; and were trying to grab me.

Run, my child... They seemed to whisper. Get away while you can...

Suddenly getting lost in the trees and their thoughts, I felt Him again. His peaceful, yet barbaric presence surround me. Oh no... Jeff!

“Jeff!” I cried, turning around. “Je−” But it was too late. There they were. Face to face.

The creature towered above Jeff, six, black tentacles swarming around like a bunch of angry bees. He had grown at least a couple feet taller, and his razor sharp hands were in the air, as if he was going to attack Jeff. Jeff didn’t look too joyful as well. He was flashing his white teeth at the creature like an angry wolf. I could tell they were just getting ready to tear each other to pieces. “STOP!” I cried. “JEFF! STOP!” The creature turned and looked at me, his plain face seeming to be filled with rage; though I couldn’t see his expression.

“Wait a second!” Jeff growled at me, tightening the grip on his knife. “You know this asshole?!” I didn’t care what Jeff thought anymore. If he tried to attack me, the creature would save me.

“Yes!” I screamed. “He saved my life!” Jeff narrowed his dark eyes at the creature, then back at me.

“I can’t believe it...” he hissed. “you’re allies with The Slender Man...” I shot him a confused look.

“W-Wait...” I whispered, my brows furrowing together. I had heard about this supposed ‘Slender Man’ before. Kids talked about him at school. He was best known for kidnapping children of all ages, and... killing them...

I looked up at the creature, horror spreading across my face. “Y-You’re..” I gulped, pointing my shaking finger at him, “You’re The Slender Man...”