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The Wolverines Red Dawn FanFiction & Love Story~
Story published April 4, 2013 · updated July 30, 2013 · 31 pages · 1,608 readers · 14,614 reads
I'm Coming Home
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I'm Coming Home

[Listen to-You can listen to it while reading if you want^^}

**Hours later**

(Robert's POV)

I sat on the top of the cave, waiting for Ciarra. I hoped she was coming. I heard someone coming from within the cave and saw it was Jed. Jed came up to me and sat next to me. 

"Robert. Can I talk to you for a bit?" Jed asked. I nodded.

"Sure. What's up?" I asked.

"Well....I noticed that you have big feelings for Ciarra. And....I allow it. But promise one thing. Don't hurt her. I want her to know she can be protected not by just me and Matt. She hardly knows anybody back in there except Toni and Erica. And you''re basically her best friend. And if me and Matt end up dying or something...She needs someone she can trust and relay on to be there for her." He said.

"I promise I won't hurt her." I said.

"And if you do, me and Matt will break every bone in your body." Jed said, then jumped down and walked back in the cave. I sighed a little and then I heard movement from up ahead. I cocked my gun and pointed it up. Then I saw someone in..something. Clothes. (duh). I realized who it was and I quickly ran over to them. I tackled them to the floor in a hug and smiled.

"You came..." I whispered.

"Of course I did. Now...Can you get off?" Ciarra asked. I got up and pulled her up. "Stay here. I'll yell something and that's when you come in. Okay?" I said.

"Alright Superman. Hurry up, I would like to hug them." I chuckled at her words and walked in, putting on a sad facial expression. 

"No luck?" Matt asked.

"No. But I hope she comes soon..." I said.

"And if she doesn't?" Danny asked.

"Don't say that!" I yelled, signalling for Ciarra to come in.

**Cho's POV**

"Where the hell is she!?" I shouted in Korean. Ciarra was gone. My queen was gone. I had no idea where she is. 

"They must've taken her..." A soldier replied. I sighed angrily and threw a lamp at the wall. 

"You're right." I said.

"We're going to find her. And we'll probably find those terroist Wolverines." I said and smirked. 

*Ciarra's POV**

Once I heard Robert yell, I began to walk to the cave.

"She's probably going to get killed! Or at least Cho would use her to get to us. Or to you since she's basically your girlfriend." Danny said. I blinked and frowned. 

"Danny. Stop it. We'll get Ciarra tomorrow if she doesn't come by midnight." Jed said. 

"Oh my god...." I heard, but I was unsure of who it was. 

"What?" Robert asked.

"What if....Like...Cho will use her? And actually kill her." Matt said. Then an idea hatched in my brain. I quickly hurried back outside and hid to one of the sides of the cave. 

"Come on, lets all go out and search for her in case she got lost," Toni said. I smirked and hid more. Then when I heard them come out more. And once they were all out and ahead of me I pointed my gun at them and cocked it. 
They all turned around, holding their hands up in the air with their guns.

"Oh my gosh..." Toni said.  I saw tears flood in Jed's and Matt's eyes. I smiled widely and crossed my arms. 

"Sorry for ruining our plan Robert," I said.

"Its cool." He said and chuckled. Then I got hugged by Jed. It was tight and I heard him crying a little.

"I thought we lost you..." He whispered.

"Yeah, I know. I heard you guys talking about me in the cave." I said and pulled  away from the hug with Jed. I got hugs from everybody else. Yeah, even Mat. But when Danny tried to hug me, I kicked him right in the bulls.

"That's for thinking I was dead! Jerk!" I said and Everybody laughed. We all walked back inside and I sat next to Robert. I explained everything. The times that Cho beat me, raped me, everything. Everyone was shocked. The only one who shed tears were me, Jed, Matt, Robert, and....well I think that was it. I'm guessing the others were too in shock to cry. 

"We should probably get some sleep now. We'll figure out some plans later." Jed said. Everybody nodded and they got to some place to sleep. I laid next to Robert and watched him quickly fall asleep. I couldn't really sleep now...

"Ciarra...You up?" Matt asked. 

"Yeah. Why?" I whispered and crawled over Robert and walked to Matt.

"I wanted to apologize. For...For what I said..." He said. I shook my head and sighed.

"Matt, its alright-"

"No its not alright. If I didn't say that stuff, you wouldn't have run off, you wouldn't have gotten kidnapped and....All that stuff wouldn't have happened to you..." Matt said.


"Ciarra. Don't. It's all my fault and don't brush it off." He said and laid down, then covered himself with the blanket he had been using. I sighed and crawled over Robert again, then laid next to him. I closed my eyes to sleep. But...It probably took more then 10 minutes for me to sleep. 


They steal America as if it's something not worth fighting for. 
They take lives as if they're not treasured. 
They assume that nobody will fight to in America back. 
To get its freedom back.
Oh...How wrong they were.
Who is they?
North Korea and Russia. 
They joined forced and took over America.
There are only few states that are free America. 
But in small town Spokane, Washington...
There is a group who fights  for freedom. 
They're called The Wolverines. 
And they create chaos.