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Homestuck oneshots
Story published April 4, 2013 · updated October 10, 2013 · 27 pages · 4,713 readers · 18,324 reads
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+weird begining, gets better (I think)+

You were in the shower washing your hair in the pleasant warm water when you heard a knocking on the bathroom window. You ignored it figureing it was one of your siblings trying to scare you. The knocking came again and this time it was a repeated pounding that sounded sincierly panicked. you poked your head out from behind the shower curtain to see a raven haired teenage boy with fear all over his face. You went back into the shower hoping he hadn`t noticed you were there. After a while you figured he could see the steam from the shower, maybe he would get the hint and leave. But he didn`t, you could hear him trying to yell through the glass at you. You sighed and turned off the water. You nervously reached out from behind the curtain to get your towel and wraped it around you. When you steped out of the tub his face lit up and he tore the window open just as you unlatched it.
"Thanks Motherfucker." He said in a surprisingly gruf voice as he climbed in.
"Shh! What are you doing?" You whispered frantically.
"My name`s Gamzee Makara." He told you holding his hand out, completely disregarding your question.
"(Y/N) yeah, nice to meet you. What the hell are you doing?" You shook his hand and asked again.
"Oh, yeah ... My brother got mad at me." He answered. You looked up at him, noticing he was about a foot taller than you.
"Uh... what? " You asked.
"My dad`s dead so my oldest brother runs the family and he`s kinda psychopathic." Gamzee said quickly as if he had said it a million times before.
"Woah... you`re naked." He said noticing for the first time.
"I`m wearing a towel." You replyed pulling it around you to cover you better.
"Cool, Where`s your room?" He asked walking twords the bathroom door.
"No!" You caught him by the back of his shirt. "You can`t go in my room!" You told him.
He put his hand on the doorknob "If you don`t tell me I`ll just assume it`s the one on the other side of the hallway." He shrugged.
"Fine..." You mummbled. "It acctually is the one on the other side of the hallway. But let me see if the coast is clear." You pushed him aside and poped your head out the door. Luckily none of you siblings were wandering around. "Okay,go." You whispered frantically and pushed him out the door and into the hall. He quickly skitered into your room and closed the door.
You quickly pulled on your polka-dot pajama bottoms and your (favouritre sports team/fandom) shirt over top then you tossed your towel in the lawndry and followed Gamzee into your room.
"Okay." You sighed closing the door behind you.
"Woah nice PJs sis." He commented. You noticed for the first time that he was wearing pajamas too. They were dark looking though, Black and grey polka-dotted bottoms and a plain black shirt.
"Yeah... thanks."You nodded. "But you know you have to get out."
"But why we were just gettin to be friends!" He pleaded.
"I don`t think so ..." You sighed. "God you`re lucky my room is on the first floor." You laughed.
"Why?" Gamzee asked ,furrowing his brow.
"Because if I was on the second floor I would still throw you out the window." You said pushing him twords the window.
"woah woah woah... Where am I gonna go?" He asked.
"Well your brother can`t be that bad." You urged him on but he was bigger than you and you couldn`t push him.
"Well uh as much as I hate to be the one saying this, welcome to the real world." Gamzee told you. It look like it stung when he said the word real.
"I mean he`d never hurt me never ever but he`s a mighty scary motherfucker." His eyebrows raised.
"Well then you`re fine." you felt bad but you were more concearned about what your parents would think if a boy about your age or a year older was found in your room in the morning.
"Oh come on, you don`t wanna give a motherfucker a hand?" He asked when you comenced pushing him again.
"No, not now !" You told him.
"Fine, fine I get it but seriously that hurts sis." He turned to the window and opened it.
"Thank you." You gave a sigh of releife.
"Well bye... thanks for letting me in." He waved and step out onto the lawn on the other side of the window. He looked sad like as if his pet had just died. You thought about calling him back in, but there was no where for him to sleep and it would seem like a scene in a movie.
You went back to the bathroom and brushed your teeth as you thought. Are you really so shallow that you wouldn`t help someone out because it would look cheesy? Seriously! what`s wrong with you?
You fell into a fitful sleep.
The next morning you woke to your alarm blaring at full volume. You groaned and rolled over. You wern`t ready to wake up yet you were having a dream about some weird creature that became your friend and... well you never remember your dreams for a very long time. You quickly got dressed, ate breakfast and brushed your teeth. You then looked at the clock, 5:27, well now you just felt dumb having set your alarm early. You decided to pack yourself a lunch for school. By the time you were done that you looked at the clock and you still had three hours until school started. You sat down on the couch in front of the TV and grabbed the remote. For the next half hour you idly fliped through the channels, finding nothing interesting to watch. Finally you decided to just leave for school over two hours early. You quickly wrote your parents a note.
Going to school early, I wasn`t kidnapped!

You walked out the door and across the yard twords the sidewalk when you heard something.
"Hey wait!" You turned to see Gamzee falling out of the tree in your yard. Oh god. You had completely forgotten everything that had happened the previous night.
He lifted himself off the ground and brushed dirt off his pajama pants.
"Did you stay here overnight?" You were ready to punch the guy.
"Well yeah..." He scratched the back of his head nervously.
"Is your brother acctually that bad?" You were starting to feel concearned for him.
"Well he`s scary but not evil or anythin`" He assured you. There was a pause and you could hear his stomach growling.
"Hungy?" You raised an eyebrow.
"So motherfuckin` hungry." He replyed in his destinguished gruff voice. You pulled out your luch bag and handed him an apple.
He took a bite. "This is good, did you make this?" He asked.
"Umm... no that`s an apple dumbass." You pointed out.
"Oh." He looked at the fruit. "Why you goin` to school so early sis?" He asked.
"I woke up early." You shrugged.
"Oh, wicked can I walk with you?" He asked.
"Uhhh... sure why not?" You smiled, maybe despite his weirdness Gamzee could become a friend. 
The two of  you walked out onto the sidewalk and started off twords your school.
"Oh, hold up one sec!" Gamzee stoped after a few houses. "This is my house." he pointed out and walked up the steps. "Wait here." He told you as he walked into the house. A couple minutes later he came back out of the house wearing an ideantical outfit to what he had been wearing before only clean and grey and white face-paint toped off his weird image.
Someone handed Gamzee his back-pack at the door. "No I slept in a tree." Gamzee was aparently in a conversation with who you guessed was his brother. Although he didn't look nearly old enough to run a household.
You watched as Gamzee's theoretical brother sighed something to him. "Yeah. It kinda hurts ... I kinda fell out of the tree when I woke up." Gamzee rubbed his back. His brother nodded. You saw the apparently mute boy glare at you over Gamzee`s shoulder. He sighned something else at Gamzee. "Yeah that motherfucker..." He turned to look at you. "This is (Y/N)" He Introduced you. With that the older boy sighed what looked like a good-bye to Gamzee and closed the door.
"Is that your brother?" You asked him.
"Yeah, that`s Kurloz." He told you.
"He doesn`t look old enough to run a houshold..." You commented.
"I have two brothers the other one is ... The Subjugulator." Gamzee scratched the back of his neck.
"Uhh... That`s his real name?" You raised your eyebrows.
"Acctually it`s Neil but he wants us to call `im that." He responded.
"Okaaay..." You decided it was time to change the subject. "Where`s your school?" You asked.
"Up there." He pointed up the street. You already knew that there were two schools there around the corner one was the school you attended and you guessed he went to the other.
"Oh, cool..." You were getting bored of the awkward convorsation but Gamzee insisted on telling you all about a show he had seen on TV the day before. You half listened and nodded every few minutes until you arrived at school.
"Oh, okay bye." You were carful not to say 'see you later' because that was something you definitely didn`t want to do.
"What? I go to this school too." He informed you following you up the steps..
"Oh... Okay..." You pulled on the door handle before you remembered it was still about an two hours untill school started. The door didn`t open. Not that you didn`t like Gamzee or anything he was just awkward to talk to, and a little clingy.
Gamzee sat down on the steps. "I guesse we still got like ... two hours." He looked at a digital watch that was strapped to his wrist.
"Yeah, I guesse... I never knew you went to this school... I thought I`d notice a guy with clown makeup that wears the same outfit everyday." You commented.
"How do you know I wear this everyday?" He raised an eyebrow. "Haha just kidding, I acctually do wear this everyday, and I think the clown makeup is cool." He shrugged.
"Wait." Your face turned serious. "That`s acctually clown makeup?" You asked. It seemed like every five minutes Gamzee added another item to you list of reasons he should be checked into a mental institution.
"Yeah... It's not too much is it? I mean it's not full out clown it's just gray and black." He shrugged.
"Well it's not to much it's just surprising." You laughed.
"Cool." Gamzee nodded. "So do you have a boy friend?" He changed the subject.
Your face went bright red. "Uh... no..." You replyed awkwardly. "Why...?" You asked getting slightly creeped out.
"I dunno." He shrugged. "I thought that`s what people talked about these days."
"That`s what thirteen year old girls talk about with thier friends." You informed him.
"Oh... well... What grade are you in?" He asked.
"Ten." You replyed simply
"Oh seriously?" He asked looking a little surprised. "I`m a year older than you.I thought we were the same age but I  guesse you gotta respect your elders." He smiled looking triumphant.
"I`ll respect who deserves it." You punched him lightly.
He rubbed his shoulder despite the fact that it probably hadn`t hurt him at all. "Ouch that hurt my shoulder but it also hurt my soul." He pouted.
"Yeah." You rolled your eyes sarcastically.
You looked up at the cloudy sky and a raindrop fell onto your nose.
"Aw shit." Gamzee cursed when a sudden downpoor hit the both of you.
The two of you picked up your school bags and ran for the cover of the gazebo in the school yard.
"Lucky it didn`t rain while you were sleeping." You laughed.
"Oh, I should`ve thought of that before I camped out." The two of you sat cross-legged in the middle of the gazebo so you wouldn`t get wet. It was a shame the small building had no walls.
You saw what you assumed was the janitor`s car pull up and the man hopped out of his vehicle, ran upto the building, unlocked the door and walked inside. Gamzee looked at his watch. "School still isn`t open." he sighed.
"Yeah, how long until it is?" You asked. He showed you his watch, another hour.
You sat and chatted about what your plans for the day were until the staff started showing up.
You lifted yourself off the ground and headed for the school building when the first school busses began droping off students.
"C'mon Gamzee you're gonna be late." You called over your shoulder.
"Aw yeah motherfucker, right behind you." He got up and followed.
You stood at your locker trying to open your old rusty combination lock when you heard someone talking to you.
You turned to see Gamzee. "Hey motherfucker."
"I thought you went to class." You said.
"Nah, that can wait. I`m skipping today wanna join me?" He offered.
You weren`t a bad person, in fact you had never even skipped school or been late for that matter.
You looked at your dumb unopenable locker, then at Gamzee. You sighed the choice was simple.
"Fuckit. sure" You abandoned the lock and followed Gamzee outside. It was still raining.
"So wha do you wanna do?" He asked.
"I dunno, I`ve never skipped before." You replyed whipping wet hair out of your face.
"You serious?" He laughed. "You`re missing out." He grabbed your hand and led you across the rainy street to a fast-food restorant on the other side.
"Hey, can I get aaaa...." The awkward boy trailed off. "Milkshake." He finished, then looked at you. "Two, chocolate." He ordered for you.
"Uh, yeah. Just a minute." The man behind the counter smiled weakly, you figured you knew why, he worked at a fast-food restaurant for god's sake.
Gamzee leaned up against the counter trying to be cool. You noticed how funny his hair looked when it was wet. He looked like a puppy. You giggled.
"What?" Gamzee asked as the man came back with your milkshakes.
You picked up your milkshake from the counter and Gamzee slapped down a ten dollar bill.
"Your hair!" You continued laughing.
"What about it?" He asked trying to fix it but failing horribly.
"You look like a wet puppy." You blushed and look a sip of your milkshake as the two of you sat down. He slurped loudly from his drink.
"Aww that's cool, puppys are tight." Gamzee stoped trying to fix his hair and shook like a dog, spraying you with water.
"Besides your hair ain't perfect either ... just look at this." He reached over the table and brushed a clump of wet hair out of your face.
You blushed at him being so close. When he pulled his hand away you noticed that his milkshake was gone and that he was now eyeing yours.
"Do you want it?" You offered shyly.
"Yeah!" He took it and drank the whole thing in three large gulps.
"Miraculous." He commented as he finnished the drink.
The two of you got up from the table to leave. That was a quick pit-stop. You thought.
"Does that not give you Brainfreeze?" You asked him.
"Huh? Well yeah, I'm just used to it now." He shrugged.
You laughed as the two of you stepped outside into the pooring rain and the hair that Gamzee had just pushed out of your face fell back again. "Where do we go next?" You asked, still not fammiliar with the regular routine of skipping school.
"I like it here." He pushed the hair out of your face again. "Let's start here."
You weren't entirely sure what he meant by that and your understanding was stomped on a little more when he pulled you in and kissed you.
He pulled his lips away but still held you close. "Heh, I've always wanted to have one of those movie-make-out-scenes in the rain." He smiled.
You smiled back and kissed him again.

+Don't kill me please, the build up is horrible I know. Deal with it.+