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Abusive Love (A Mindless Behavior Love Story)
Story published April 4, 2013 · updated 6 months ago · completed · 3 pages · 898 readers · 1,966 reads
Chapter 2: Band-Ai
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Chapter 2: Band-Aid

Karen - *Hugs Myles* Of course, I do. *Slaps Myles*

Myles - Wat was dat 4, bae?!

Karen - Dat was 4 leaving me 2defend myself... until I found Raquan.

Joy - Oh yeah, that's right! U & Myles still went out even though he moved.

Craig - *Heart Just Shattered* Ow... :'(

Chrestano - Who wants 2 play 7 minutes in heaven?

Kayla - We do!

Chrestano - I chose Myles & Karen 2 do 7 minutes in heaven!

Raquan - Of course...

Karen - Y us first?!

Chrestano - 2 reunite the both of u!

Joy - Good point.

Myles & Karen - *In closet*

In the closet...
Myles - Karen?

Karen - Wat's up? *Sits on Myles' lap*

Myles - Do u like me?

Karen - I don't like u...

Myles - :'(

Karen - I luv u. *Kisses Myles* Do u like me as well?

Myles - No...

Karen - :'(

Myles - I mean, we can still b friends nd all, but...

Karen - *Gets off of Myles' lap* I hate u... *Txts Joy*

Joy - *gets txt, read* Wow... *txts bck*

Kayla - Wat happened???

Joy - Yhu don't wanna kno...

Karen - *comes out of the closet*

Myles - *chases after her* But, babe- *grabs her*

Karen - *slaps him* Don't ever touch me again! *gets out of his grip, downstairs*

Craig - *follows*

Karen - *thinks: Well, my life doesn't seem to be getting any better. So, a permanet solution is just to end my life right here, right now...* *grabs knife*

Craig - No!!!! *runs to her, snatches the knife*

Karen - *cries in his arms*

Craig - Even if you did it, can I b ur band-aid???

Karen - Yes... *still crying*

Craig - *holds her*